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Bobbing Along – Posh's Posse's Celebrity Hair

by sophieh / August 6, 2008

It’s hard to name a celebrity who has had as huge impact on the hair industry as Victoria Beckham.

As she’s gone from bob to short hair to extensions and back again, women across the nation have followed.

Now that Posh is cutting her teeth as one of LA’s A-list, it looks like that ability is rubbing off with close pals Katie Holmes and Eva Longoria both unveiling new  – and dare we say it, Posh-a-like – looks.

We asked Skyler McDonald, Creative Director of seanhanna, Wimbledon, to cast her eye over the trio’s looks and tell us who is flattered by Posh’s LA makeover and who should stick with their own style.

Victoria Beckham

Posh-Spice-long-hair-extensions.jpg Posh-after.jpg
“Although her full head of extensions are far too long for her petite frame, the use of human hair stops them looking chavy (ish!). The problem here is the colour tones used are too brash for Posh’s medium skin tone. I’d blend in rich chocolates and caramel hues of hair pieces to add warmth to her skin.” “Posh is showing those laid-back Californians how the English do it with this elegant “pob” cut. David really knew what he was talking about when he said he preferred his wife with shorter hair. The caramel tones, which lighten towards the ends, gives her that Californian sun kissed look complementing her gorgeous tan.”

Verdict: After – I prefer Posh a la crop. She looks chic, sexy and glamorous.

Eva Longoria

Eva-Longoria-long-hair-layers.jpg Eva-Longoria-bob-hair.jpg
“The soft waves give her long hair movement and body, hair women crave and men would love to run their fingers through. With her golden honey hued hair, this adds warmth to Eva’s gorgeous complexion. Long hair is gorgeous but can look boring if styled the same way all the time. She could have funked it up by having a straight or sweeping side fringe cut.” “Eva can do no wrong; her bob cut is chic and sophisticated and won’t look out of place on the red carpet. Although Eva’s bob looks great, I think it matures her slightly. For a more youthful look I would’ve cut the hair into a longer bob with the ends of the hair just grazing her neck. A straight blunt fringe just above the eyes will create a more dramatic look and will definitely have heads turning!”

Verdict: Before – For me, Eva has face shape to carry off both looks. However, I prefer the picture with Eva with longer hair. She looks effortlessly beautiful and youthful.

Katie Holmes

Katie-Holmes-long-layered-hair.jpg alt=
“I think Katie Holmes looks more youthful here. Her long tumbling dark locks are fantastic. Before Tom Cruise Katie was more carefree about her hair and fashion, and it shows in this picture. However her hair looks lank and greasy and the ends are uneven and straggly as though it hasn’t been cut in years!” “Katie needed a new hair style to go with her new lifestyle and status. However, this style is making Katie look too mature. The colour is too dark for her fair complexion; I’d lighten Katie’s hair to a caramel brown and splice the hair at the crown to create more movement and texture for a funkier fresher look. ”


Verdict: After – this is a tough one as I don’t think the pictures do Katie any justice but I’d Hollywood will take Katie more seriously with her bob cut.



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