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Big Brother Celebrity Hair Hits and Horrors

by sophieh / July 23, 2008

When it comes to celebrity status, the Big Brother ‘stars’ certainly demand plenty of column inches; but when it comes to celebrity style they’re not quite so adept.

If they’re not showing a little more flesh than we need to see, there’s too much bling or another fashion faux pas raising eyebrows.

And as for the hair… well, there are more hair extensions than in the family enclosure at an England match!

We asked a few leading hairdressers to cast their eye over some of the housemates who have managed to survive the celebrity status test of time; and it’s fair to say there weren’t too many complimentary comments going round.

Fortunately, they did have plenty of suggestions for how their hair styles could be improved, so if you’re listening Chantelle and Co…

BBaisleyne.jpgAisleyne Horgan-Wallace

“When I met Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace she was an avid fan of extensions but hadn’t looked after them very well. She has extremely fine hair that she colours regularly.

That, coupled with continuous wear and tear with extensions, doesn’t bode well for happy hair.

I’d love to see her with a shorter hairstyle. Aisleyne has long-blonde-hair syndrome and it would take a bit of persuasion to change, but I know she’d absolutely love it if she chopped it off.” Leonardo Rizzo, Sanrizz, Guildford, Surrey

BB-Jade.jpgJade Goody

“Jade Goody’s hair looks great and suits her. The longer length is flattering and elongates her round face.

Easy to maintain, this style is all about natural movement. This means minimal blow-drying, simply finished with a pair of tongs.

Making the fringe heavier and taking it further over to the side will make it more of a feature and frame her face.” Darren Bain, hob salons, Camden, London

BBchanelle.jpgChanelle Hayes

“This style suits Chanelle Hayes, the colour’s nice and soft and I prefer the brown with her brown eyes – the blonde looked too artificial.

But the hair extensions are too long – the whole cut needs to be shorter.

To get this look, blow-dry with a round brush and iron gently. Smoothing products are essential.” Ben White, Eleven Hair, London



Kate Lawler

“This style is boring, doesn’t flatter Kate Lawler’s face shape and the ash blonde is ageing.

I know she likes to be blonde but she needs to be more obvious with honey and butter tones. Kate seems to suit her hair either very long or very short – this length is too in-between.

I’d like to take her super short with a cute elfin crop and then go for a brilliant blonde, or the complete opposite and take her brown.” Mark Woolley, Electric Hairdressing, Brighton, Sussex

BBchantelle.jpgChantelle Houghton

“Chantelle Houghton should ditch the extensions!

When I cut her hair short, although it looked amazing, she instantly wanted extensions again.

She should go for something far more sophisticated and modern – think Gwyneth Paltrow’s bob style – so she has subtle long hair. Somehow, I don’t think she will!” Richard Ward, Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, London

And as for the host? Well good-old Davina fares marginally better, but it seems that even she has room for improvement…

BBdavina.jpgDavina McCall

“Davina McCall’s darker hair works well with her eyes.

The centre parting should be moved to the side to soften the look and give a more flattering finish.

I’d like to see her hair either shorter for more definition or, if she’s keeping it long, then layers added so that her cheekbones are bought back into focus.” Darren Fowler, Clipso, London

Find out what we thought of Davina’s latest look on the celebrity hair-o-meter.



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