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Best Celebrity Hairstyle Results Revealed

by sophieh / January 7, 2009

Posh,-Eva,Katie.jpgAmerican women have spoken and they say that Posh Spice and her LA pals Eva Longoria and Katie Holmes have the best hair in celebville.

The threesome came out on top of the 15th annual Sally Beauty Best Tressed Survey, which asked women to cast a vote on the good, the bad and the ugly in celebrity hairstyles from the past year.

While the LA stars shone, the survey, commissioned by Sally Beauty Supply, found that Amy Winehouse was the hair horror of the year. The songstress was joined on the worst celebrity hair shortlist by Pink and Mary Kate Olsen while Kid Rock was voted the worst male mane.

Curious as to whether tastes are the same this side of the Atlantic, we asked a panel of UK hairdressers to tell us what they made of the best tressed celebrity hair survey findings.

While Robert Masciave from Metropolis Hairdressing, Neville Ramsay from Ramsay and Johnson, Robert Ari from Robert Ari Hairdressing, Skyler McDonald from seanhanna and Robert Eaton from Russell Eaton Hairdressing don’t think the celebrity hair survey results are too far wrong; they do show that there will always be differences in opinion.

“Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes were 2008’s hot hair trend setters. Instead of trying to fit in with their fellow long-haired Hollywood fashionistas, they’ve gone for stylish bobs and crops, ” says Robert Ari.

While Skyler McDonald thinks the ‘that could be me’ effect that adds to the appeal of the women’s locks: “The survey is a true reflection of what people want which is hair styles that are wearable yet stylish,” she adds.

“Victoria, Eva and Katie are all women who exert glamour and elegance and coincidently, they’ve all gone for the chop in 2008.

“I think Agyness Dyen should be on the good list for making the pixie look bold, sexy and bang on trend for 2009.”

But while Agy’s crop has brought her many accolades, poor old Pink has found herself in for some flack for hers; but our UK hairdressers think that judgement is wide of the mark.

“I’m now sure why Pink made the worst list because I think she stays true to her personal style,” says Robert Eaton “She was was sporting the crop look years before it became on trend in 2008.”

And Robert Masciave agrees: “I’m not sure why Pink is on the worst list, her hair and clothes are electric!” Nevile Ramsay goes even further, in defence of the Pink one adding: “Pink should at least be on the top 50 best hair styles category. Her look is funky, unique and true to her individual style.”

But that’s not the way it is through Robert Ari’s eyes. “Amy, Pink and Mary Kate are on the bad list because of their Artistic ‘Horrifications’!” he exclaims.”

Not holding back, he adds: “Mary Kate’s hair always looks as though it needs a good brushing, Amy’s bee hive is very cartoon-like and Pink’s hair is always…well pink! She needs to try a new look for 2009 it’s becoming boring and predictable.”

But Robert’s got another contender, whom he just can’t believe didn’t make the worst celebrity hair shortlist: “Perez Hilton, the Hollywood blogger should also be on the worst style list for his colour crazy hair. One week’s it’s green, then pink, then navy blue!” he concludes.

The 15th annual Sally Beauty Best Tressed Survey results in full

Female Celebrity with the Best Hairstyle in 2008

  • Eva Longoria
  • Katie Holmes
  • Victoria Beckham

Male Celebrity with the Best Hairstyle in 2008

  • George Clooney
  • Patrick Dempsey
  • Jake Gyllenhall

Female Celebrity with the Worst Hairstyle in 2008

  • Amy Winehouse
  • Pink
  • Mary Kate Olsen

Male Celebrity with the Worst Hairstyle in 2008

  • Kid Rock
  • Clay Aiken
  • Billy Ray Cyrus

Celebrity Child with the Best Hairstyle in 2008

  • Suri Cruise
  • Violet Affleck
  • Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

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