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Barbara's Updo Flops on the Celebrity Hair-o-Meter

by / March 27, 2009

The Hollywood stars locks are shining this week as America’s finest unveil dramatic new looks.

On the downside we’re seeing two Brits in a bad light and we’re not happy!

Come on guys, Britain leads the way when it comes to hairdressing so why can’t these superstars keep up their side of the bargain?

thermo2.gif Hollywood glamour…
Eva Longoria

Following in the footsteps of pal Katie Holmes, Eva too has added length to her bob. We’re loving the fullness and the subtle tone on tone colour is just perfect to complement gorgeous Eva’s complexion.

Scarlett Johansson

Looking very chic and sophisticated, stunning Scarlett oozes style and glamour with her on-trend loose curls and her luscious red lips. Could it be that there’s a new Jessica Rabbit in town?

Jaime Pressly

While Eva’s going from short to long, Jaime’s unveiling a classier, cooler, shorter look. So the classic bob is a bit behind the trend curve, but it really flatters her face and doesn’t it take years off her?

Charlotte Ronson

You can tell British designer Charlotte is all about the clothes and less about the hair, a trend we’re beginning to spot among other fashion designers. But being a member of the über cool Ronson clan means there really no excuse for these limp straggly locks.

Stacy ‘Fergie’ Ferguson

Someone should tell Stacy ‘Fergie’ Ferguson that poker- straight locks just don’t cut it any more. With the harsh centre parting and the lack of layers to give any volume it just looks like a wig to us.

Barbara Windsor

For someone so little in size we understand that Barbara may have wanted to add an inch or two. But this updo just looks like a batch of hair pieces piled on top of each other. Really Babs we think your big personality is enough!

…Brit trauma

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