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Angelina Jolie: An Expert Shares What Really Happened With Her Hair Extensions at The Eternals Premiere

by eleanor / last updated October 26, 2021

Angelina Jolie hair extensions

Angelina Jolie took to the red carpet at Sunday’s premiere of The Eternals at the Rome Film Festival. However, it was Angelina Jolie’s hair extensions that have become a talking point from the evening.

Many took to social media after they spotted the hair mishap, claiming Angelina Jolie’s hair extensions had not been blended to the actress’ natural hair. However, celebrity extensions expert and creative director of Inanch London, Inanch Emir says, “While it appears like they’ve not been blended, it’s more likely down to them slipping.”

He adds: “I prefer to think that her stylist used micro-rings or clip-ins and they’ve accidentally slipped down which is what I think has happened here. Every professional hair extension specialist knows about the importance of blending the extensions in order to achieve a seamless finish, so it is unlikely Angelina’s stylist would not be a blending pro.”

Micro rings are known for being a very secure and safe method of hair extension application says Inanch, however, slippage is one such issue that may happen from time to time. Inanch shares her top three tips to help prevent slippage with your client’s hair extensions:

  1. Avoid over conditioning the hair

Before micro ring hair extensions are fitted it is very important that the hair is washed without conditioner to prevent the hair becoming slippery. Most conditioners contain silicon which gives hair its soft, shiny, and easy to manage texture but can cause the micro rings to slip.

  1. Be careful when brushing hair extensions

The way you brush your hair can greatly affect the position of your extensions. Bristles of a normal padded brush can snag or pull at extensions so invest in a good quality extensions brush like Gold Class Paddle Brush, designed specifically not to snag the extensions or the bonds or rings. In addition, always support the hair when brushing – holding your hand over the bonds as your brush, brushing the very ends out first then working your way up the hair.

  1. Choose the right aftercare for your client’s hair extensions

Using the wrong aftercare products can cause hair extensions to slip. Choose a hair extensions shampoo and conditioner and use the suggested technique – try and avoid the bonds and run conditioners and oils through the lower sections of the extension’s hair only.

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