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Andrew Barton Talks Celebrity Hair at The Oscars 2010

by / last updated March 8, 2010

andrew-barton-small.jpgThe Oscars 2010 was a feast of gorgeous frocks, heavenly hair and Hollywood smiles. This year saw Kathryn Bigelow make history as the first female director ever win the Oscar for Best Picture.

TV favourite and stylist to the stars Andrew Barton talks us through the top looks of the night on the most glamorous event in the showbiz calendar.

carey-oscars-small.jpgCarey Mulligan – Nominee Best Actress (An Education)

Carey’s cute little crop is perfect for her elfin features and echoes the gorgeous young Mia Farrow as well as Audrey Hepburn.

Victoria Beckham tried to pull this look off but with her stern pose it always looked a little harsh on her. I’m pleased Carey just wore the look – it’s clean and simple, and with a dusting of a little shine serum over her hair, it has a smooth and sleek effect.

She could have added a tiny hair accessory to complete the look and give it some Oscars sparkle.

helen-oscars-small.jpgHelen Mirren – Nominee Best Actress (The Last Station)

Proving that mature woman can look amazing at the ball, Helen hits all the right style boxes with this version of the classic Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The height at the crown elongates the jaw line making it look young and the soft tendrils around the face soften the overall look.

The biggest mistake mature woman make when going to the ball is making their hair look too OTT, but Helen’s groomed, but uncomplicated look gets my top marks.

kate-oscars-small.jpgKate Winslett

She does it again – never scared to experiment with glamour, this vintage-inspired red carpet look is a pure winner.

The hair looks shiny and perfectly styled, two reasons why this is the epitome of the perfect Hollywood do. Worn casually dressed to one side, it shows off her elegant neckline which is sheer femme fatale!

kathryn-oscars-small.jpgKathryn Bigelow – Winner Best Director (The Hurt Locker)

Kathryn has tried to keep her hair low key and has purposely not gone for a red carpet glamour hair do. 

A shame for such a big glamorous night out, as the Oscars is one of those big events when you can really go for it. It’s one of the things I love about the British Hairdressing Awards, seeing all the girls dressed up and coiffed up!

Hairstyles can really make a look, even the simplest LBD looks amazing with great hair. but this looks more day time glamour than Oscars big night out!

sandra-oscars-small.jpgSandra Bullock – Best Actress (The Blind Side)

A very demure look for Sandra – the chocolate colour looks stunning on her and in radiant health. With just a hint of a curl at the tips, it’s soft and pretty and very youthful on her.

Glossy and rich with colour, the style is eye-catching and its simplicity is a fantastic statement. There’s a danger at these events for all the actresses to look the same with elaborate updos, but this look is non-conformist and looks gorgeous.

Mo'nique-oscars-small.jpgMo’nique – Winner Best Supporting Actress (Precious)

A simple elegant look that Monique pulls off to a T. Ultra sleek , shiny and sassy. Woman with fuller figures often disguise their face with lots of hair around, but as she’s no shrinking violet, Monique pulls her hair back for this bare red carpet do.

kristen-oscars-small.jpgKristen Stewart

Kristen pulls off one of the edgier looks of the night with this pared-back simple do.

It has a slightly wet look finish, dressed with lashings of hair serum. It complements her simple silhouette dress.

For young girls on Oscars night there is a danger they can look a bit fairytale princess, but it’s great that this look- worn slightly ruched back away from the face-  has a little harder edge and it suits her.

meryl-oscars-small.jpgMeryl Streep – Nominee Best Actress (Julie & Julia)

A travesty that she didn’t win the Oscar but she gets my style oscar for looking so gorgeous. This neat controlled look with the little wave in the front area has just a tiny hint of another era but is bang up-to-date with its groomed sophistication.

It’s just a touch larger than life and complements the shoulders of her gown perfectly. Women of all ages could pull this style off and feel confident that they look good.

Hair ups can often look over contrived, but with Meryl, it achieves a balance between old-school glamour and modernity.

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