Tom Connell Announces Brand New Role with Davines

by akesha / last updated November 15, 2019

tom connell davines art director

Tom Connell has been announced as the new Davines hair art director. In his new role Tom will work on reinforcing and expressing the brand’s style through his vision and will play a leading role in creating photographic collections and training hairstylists, as well as in international hair shows.

Tom grew up in the salon owned by his parents who are both hairdressers. He then transferred to London to develop his expertise in styling and until recently he was a member of the Trevor Sorbie team; taking on the role of artistic director four years ago.

Speaking about his creative process Tom said, “I always keep a document with me to write down things that catch my attention: a haircut I saw on the street, a piece of furniture, a film clip. Once a month, I read it and see a connection between all the elements, and I develop my ideas from there.”

In his new role Tom hopes to help the team develop a new sense of uniqueness, “so that stylists can develop rather than simply replicate a cut or a colour.” He continued; “I would like them to learn a way of seeing things with their own eyes, creating something unique.”

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