Switching Hairdressing Jobs

Beat the New Year Blues with These Inspirational Guides

by akesha / last updated January 9, 2020

New year is a funny time, isn’t it? It’s a time to forget the sins of the party season, give your body a break and blitz a nutritious breakfast in your juicer. It’s a time to hit refresh and set goals for the 12 months ahead. But it’s also a time where returning to your old routine is sort of inevitable. So what if you want to break free of your monotony? Here are few inspirational articles on switching hairdressing jobs and kick start a plan of action for a shiny new start.

Inspiration for – Working in Australia

This article is packed with advice from legal expert Adam Bernstein about the ins and outs of moving to Oz and why it could be a great career move.

Inspiration for – 2020 trends to translate into your work

HJ Live London hits the ExCel arena on 29-30 March 2020. It’s the perfect place to network with your peers and see some in real life inspiration from some of the biggest hairdressing teams. Best of all, it’s free! Click here to register.

Inspiration for – Not working in a salon

A thriving column not bringing you the joy it used to? A career switch doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to hairdressing. This post delves into careers that are in the industry but not in the salon.

Inspiration for – Moving to Dubai

Prepare to be insanely envious before reading this Life of a Stylist entry from Serena Daye. She upped and moved to Dubai to work in the new Trevor Sorbie in the Dubai Mall – if you want to start your middle eastern hairdressing adventure make sure you read Serena’s advice first!

Inspiration for – Working from home

Leaving the house seem like too much of an ask? Then maybe working from home is the motive for 2019. Legal expert Julian Simpson told us what you need to consider in this piece.

Inspiration for – Working in the U.S.A

Ready to take the leap to the other side of the pond? If you want to work in the United States then read this post about the visa that you need to apply for.

Inspiration for – Working creatively on a budget

It’s a penny-pinching time of year so if you need to plan a shoot in the upcoming future but have a tight budget to work with then read these tips.

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