Is Becoming a Brand Ambassador Right for You?

by Sian Jones / last updated July 11, 2022

brand ambassador

Becoming a brand ambassador can be an exciting role to undertake in the hair industry, but is it right for you? HJ asked brand ambassadors from across the industry what the role involves, and what you can expect when a company puts their trust in you to promote their brand.

What is an Ambassadorship?

“Firstly, and most importantly, you need to have an understanding of what type of ambassadorship it is. Not long ago an ambassadorship would mean you are paid up to several thousand pounds a month in order for you to endorse a product. It would be something that would only be achievable a minimum of 10 years into your career and with a lot of prestige around your name. However you can now get ambassadorship for as little as £100 a month which would not be paid in cash but in product.” explains Sophia Hilton, global ambassador for INNOluxe. “These are very different contracts and personally, I think it would be more helpful for people growing in their careers, for these to have two separate names to describe the sorts of deals. Both are very valuable at different parts of your career, but it’s important that you understand the difference.”

Sophia adds that this change has come into effect due to social media. “Once a person’s following gets to a certain point, they then become what I call ‘a human billboard.’ People/brands are then willing to pay in order to get their product on that billboard. The bigger the billboard the more the brand is willing to pay. What is important with any ambassadorship is the integrity of the person. Are you constantly just being sold out for the next paycheck? Do you genuinely enjoy what you’re endorsing? Your career is long and these contracts are short so make sure you are only representing something you believe in.”

Love the One You’re With

“As an ambassador it’s crucial you love the brand you’re promoting so that your work and words are genuine and authentic.” says Tim Scott-Wright, brand ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional. Mark Leeson, global ambassador for Revlon Professional agrees that it is important to believe in what you are promoting, “First and foremost the brand you want to align with needs to be carefully analysed to make sure their products, ethos, future investment and planning/marketing strategies are aligned with your brand and that they are able to meet/help with your goals and your brands. This all should be considered before any financials are discussed as being a brand ambassador is not just about money. There are obvious do nots which is to be tempted to ambassadorial roles by mere financial gain. It’s your job to endorse the brand with conviction, and believe in what you are promoting 100%.”

brand ambassador

As Sally Brooks, global ambassador for Fabriq, says “Never be a brand ambassador for a brand you do not believe in, it’s never going to work!” Working for a brand will involve bringing your own expertise and knowledge, helping and supporting the brand to develop. “You will work with the team to create ideas and opportunities for the brand over the period of your contract. You’ll be there for advice, creative ideas, press, imagery, social media content. It’s a fantastic job to be a brand ambassador and you always hope that you can help the brand you work for grow both visually, and financially.”

Commitment is Key

Being a brand ambassador can create exciting career opportunities however it is important to understand the commitment and responsibility that comes with the role. INDOLA’s global ambassador, Andy Smith, explains “As a brand ambassador you need to be adaptable, what might work for you may not work for the brand so you need to be prepared to sometimes take a step back and work with what the brand wants. In regards to dos and don’ts always make sure you’re a team player, don’t let your ego take over because you can always be easily replaced even if you think you’re not. Brands are always moving and changing direction, ensure that you work with the brand, bring your own ideas but be respectful that it’s their brand and you are there to help create their vision and share it with their audience.”

Angelo Seminara, global ambassador for Goldwell, also outlines the importance of ensuring you have the experience to be an ambassador. “To become a brand ambassador, of course, you need a lot of experience within the business and to have worked for at least two to three brands previously. You must have skills and knowledge in understanding branding, communication, marketing and PR.”

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