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Introducing Hairdressing Educator Debbie G

by bathamm / May 10, 2013

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Have you ever heard the saying “those who can’t, teach” – well, ignore it! Hairdressing is teaming with talented hairdressers whose biggest passion is passing on their skills and knowledge to others. Educators are some of the most respected professionals in the industry and, whether it’s on a full- or part-time basis, educating can be a fulfilling carer move.
Consummate educator and Pivot Point ambassador Debbie G is currently busy spreading the word about Salonability – a new education programme for colleges and other training providers.
Tell me about the education work you do
I work both home and abroad providing tailor-made education – precision cutting, presentation skills and creative direction – for salons, schools and individual clients.  I’m fortunate to work with many award-winning salons as well as up-and-coming new talent, such as the members in the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Project X club. My goal is to always make training positive and inspiring; I’m really passionate about pushing students to be the best they possibly can be. Being an educator is my full-time job and I absolutely love it!
What attracted you to education?
I’ve always loved teaching. I first started as a guest teacher at the Sassoon Academy and found I loved the stage, sharing my knowledge and helping students to develop and hone their skills and cultivate their creativity.
What do you most enjoy about this element of your job?
The people, the ideas, the passion; every day is different, every student is different. One day I can be teaching someone their first haircut, the next I can be working with an award-winning team on a photoshoot; it’s brilliant!
What advice would you offer to anyone looking to become an educator?
Be continually mindful and practise, practise and practise again; totally conquer every skill, every technique, then be prepared to give it all away and watch your ideas and skills evolve.



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