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by charlottegw / last updated December 19, 2018

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Siobhan Jones has announced that she will leave Headmasters after sixteen years. Below we discover her career highlights from acting school to salon floor to her role as Headmasters creative colour ambassador.

What was your route into hair?

I worked as a Saturday girl when I was studying theatre and dance at The Brit School. Theatre is very competitive, so I did a hair apprenticeship to give me a skill that I could use between auditions and jobs. They both seemed similar to me as when I worked on the salon floor it felt like my stage to perform but also with the added benefit of being able to make a client look and feel amazing.

A chef once said to me, you do not know how lucky you are to be client-facing and constantly receive praise and thanks – it is so true.

I also started hairdressing at a time when YouTube step-by-step videos were just starting to become popular so my media and film experience, meant that Headmasters put me forward to make styling videos and that’s when I knew I’d found the perfect career.

Can you tell us about your present role?

My role as Headmasters creative colour ambassador is extremely varied. I have input in all parts of the business and it really has been a constant learning experience for me.

I head up colour education, direct our artistic colour team, provide international education for Headmasters and L’Oréal Professionnel, formulate new techniques and offer colour trend predictions for what will gain strong press coverage and have educational benefits.

I also work closely with our PR teams to produce consumer facing campaigns and I work with our art team to produce inspirational imagery for other aspiring hairdressers. I’ve been lucky enough to not only become an international artist for L’Oréal Professionnel but I’ve been able to work on many international campaigns and step by step videos.

What are the pros and cons of your role?

Versatility is a definite pro as I could be colouring my client’s hair on a Monday, teaching in Moscow on Tuesday and shooting a new collection by the end of the week. Working unsociable hours is a con as and there can be months when time off is limited but I’m slowly figuring out a system that works for me so I can get more balance in my life.

What are your tips for building a name in the industry?

Speak to people to build your contacts. We are in an industry where people like to boost others and help wherever they can. Hairdressing events are a great opportunity for this but don’t be afraid to ask for advice or ask to be involved in opportunities via social media. Lots of people have contacted me via Instagram and I’m always willing to help. Instagram has become such an easy place to speak your mind and share your work. Tagging the relevant people and magazines in your work will make them aware of you.

What challenges have you faced in your career so far and how did you overcome them?

My unique selling point is creating wearable and consumer-focused colour. I’ve found it hard in the past to excite hairdressers with consumer-focused imagery, even though it is our bread and butter. I believe it’s extremely important to provide education on this area because it has an effect on the work our clients see which in turn effects how they view us as colourists and as an industry as a whole. I’ve been working hard to create a brand of colouring that not only excites and creates interest with the colourist but also creates a buzz out of the salon and connects these two worlds together.

What’s your advice for someone who aspires to have a career like yours?

Perfecting your skills is a must and be available because opportunities stem from other opportunities. Make yourself available for jobs big or small. The contacts you make and the people you meet are what form your future path.

What are your favourite accounts to follow on Instagram?

My definite favourites are Jhair_stylist because he’s a hair magician, Hairfashionstyler for the epic pastel shades and Zoeirwinhair because I love her moodboard style.

What’s your styling philosophy?

Simplicity is key. I’m all about the colour so keeping the hair in impeccable condition is a must whether is straight or wavy. I believe in letting hair move – don’t over spray and just let it swing. 

What are the go-to products in your kitbag?

L’Oréal Professionnel Super Dust for creating beautiful silhouettes and the dust is the bomb for creating height at the crown. Nioxin Dia Boost is my all-time favourite for making hair thicker. It doesn’t just give volume, it swells the hair meaning the hair feels fuller from root to tip but still feels amazing and not tacky.

What’s next for you in your career?

I believe that a stampede of talented and knowledgeable colourists and hairdressers will bring colour and the hairdressing industry into the limelight much more than one person so I’m working on producing a new tailored and accessible education offering that I will share in this year.

Being that I have been given some alarming figures based on clients’ feedback from their salon experiences I’m also working on a new concept that will make the consultation process more bespoke and comfortable in salon. Watch this space!

This interview originally appeared in the January issue of Hairdressers Journal. 

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