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by kieran / last updated September 23, 2021

Elizabeth Rita Hair and Make-up expert

We spoke with HAIRDOTCOM Art Team member Elizabeth Rita on how her relationship with hair has been shaped by modelling, make-up and bridal work and has led her to become an expert.

What was your journey into the industry?

I was passionate about hair as a child but a teacher once told me hairdressing was for drop-outs and, as a dyslexic, I was conscious of experiencing set-backs in life. Because of that, I gave hairdressing a rest for a few years.

I then got into modelling which meant I got to see some incredible hairdressers at work. Inspired, I then went to a hair and make-up college and I got straight into doing make-up at photoshoots which meant, yet again, I got to see some amazing stylists in action.

Benoirs Bridal shoot

What drew you to bridal hair and beauty?

I actually wasn’t keen on bridal hair when I first started! I found it tricky and I couldn’t get my head around what brides truly wanted. Ten years on, now it’s one of my favourite things to do and I am drawn to it because I treat my brides like celebrities and performers – this is their moment to shine. I get such an adrenaline rush when I see them ready to walk down the aisle.

Do you find that make-up work inspires your hair work and vice versa?

Hair and make-up always needs to work together, and they definitely inspire one another. Obviously, when I am doing both hair and make-up for a job it’s easy to imagine both together and I find that often one is a catalyst for the other. When I work with another artist for either hair or make-up, it’s also really fun as you have to work out what they are imagining and make sure what you are doing will work with their ideas. It’s so fun getting to be creative with other creatives.

Maisie Peters

What is the signature hair look you create?

Regardless of whether it’s textured boho vibes or smooth and chic, I love creating elegant bridal hair, but I would say my signature style is “effortless”. I find that uncomplicated hair is the most beautiful and eye catching – I don’t want my hair to steal the bride’s show, I just want it to be a beautiful embellishment and an extension of her personality.

4 key moments in Elizabeth’s career:

2006 – Signed to London agency Alchemy Artists, who Elizabeth is still going strong with today

2011 – Met Craig Chapman, a significant influence for Elizabeth, at a Barry Jeffery shoot and joined HAIRDOTCOM Art Team soon after

2013 – Headed the Dior Trunk show for the first time, going on to do five years in a row

2019 – Doing hair and make-up for a Revlon lipstick campaign where the looks were “cool and stylish, simple but effective”

Elizabeth Rita bridal hair

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