From employment law, including the minimum wage and discrimination laws, to legal issues with music licenses, insurance, chair rental there is a lot of legislation a salon owner needs to be aware of.

Keep up with the latest legal legislation affecting your salon business through our expert articles and guides.

This information is advisory only, if you have a specific legal issue you should seek the advice of a qualified legal professional.

Business Interruption – What is it and Should you be Worried?

Last updated February 1, 2019

When arranging an insurance policy for a salon most business owners will think of insuring the items within the salon. For example, how much it would cost to replace an item if it was stolen or damaged and how much it would cost to redecorate and reinstate the premises following a fire or a flood? Read More

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Cyber Insurance – Are you Covered?

Last updated January 30, 2019

According to the National Cyber Security Centre, 52% of UK businesses were victim to a cyber-attack in 2017. That figure has increased from 46% in 2016 and 24% in 2015 (Beazley, May 2018). There is a worrying upward trend in play… The impact of cyber-attacks can have long reaching consequences and cause distress in businesses Read More

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Can a Disclaimer Reduce Liability in the Salon?

Last updated December 13, 2018

In the hair and beauty industry a disclaimer is often used by a therapist to avoid or limit their liability if something goes wrong during a treatment. The definition of a disclaimer is ‘any statement intended to specify or delimit the scope of rights and obligations that may be exercised and enforced by parties in Read More

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Salon Discrimination Laws – How to Make Sure your Salon is Accessible

Last updated December 4, 2018

The government estimates there are over 11 million disabled people in the UK, with an annual combined spending power of £80 billion. The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), which came into effect in 1995, is intended to reduce the amount the discrimination faced by many disabled people. Part three of the act requires service providers to Read More

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Autumn Budget 2018 – The Pros and Cons for the Salon Owner

Last updated November 5, 2018

The Autumn Budget 2018 stated that ‘austerity is coming to an end – but discipline will remain’ and that there could be a ‘double deal dividend’ if the Brexit negotiations are successful. Hair and beauty consultant Ryan Fox cautions that although this is relatively good news it’s a case of celebrating with prosecco, rather than Read More

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Is it Best to Set up as a Sole Trader or a Limited Company?

Last updated October 16, 2018

Some like the comfort of being an employee, others want to control their own destiny. Either are good, and it’s possible to do both at the same time. But there are hoops to jump through for those that want to work for themselves, either full or part time. Sole trader or limited company? The first Read More

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How to Work as a Hairdresser in Australia

Last updated October 1, 2018

Would you like to work as a hairdresser in Australia? Business and legal expert Adam Bernstein shares everything you need to know to get a job in a salon down under. For decades the Australian government has been on a mission to address a significant skills gap in the economy. The list is updated regularly, Read More

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Rise in Claims of Hair Salon Stroke Syndrome

Last updated August 28, 2018

Rinsing at the backwash is a huge part of most salon experiences, however it’s proving a risky areas for salons as the amount of insurance claims for hair salon stroke syndrome rise. The syndrome, also known as beauty parlour syndrome can occur when the clients head is tilted too far into a backwash for 10 Read More

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