Take the Quiz to See if You’re Ready to Go Freelance

Last updated October 6, 2020

So you’re thinking about becoming a freelance hairdresser? Of course you are otherwise you wouldn’t be pawing thorough our freelance week content, would you? But as we all know, working for yourself isn’t for everybody. Many factors go into knowing if you’re ready to go freelance as a hairdresser. Determining factors include finance, networking ability Read More

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Things you Need to Know About Insurance as a Freelance Hairdresser

Last updated October 14, 2020

Being a freelance/self-employed hairstylist or a mobile hairdresser can mean that you have a lot of things to keep on top of and admin to handle yourself. One thing you need to make sure you have in hand is your insurance, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic. It can be a minefield figuring out what you Read More

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Freelancers – Wella Education is Here For You

Last updated October 13, 2020

The Wella Studios is relaunching free online learning and face-to-face education, perfect for freelance hairdressers. Read on to find out the freelance Wella education on offer. Discover the new Luxelights Service If you want to learn new techniques and gain some fresh ideas for delighting and updating your clients, go to to watch free Read More

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Welcome to HJ’s Freelance Week 2020: The Official Schedule

Last updated October 23, 2020

HJ‘s Freelance Week, sponsored by Wella Professionals is taking place from Monday 19 October to Sunday 25 October for freelance hairstylists, mobile hairdressers, chair renters, session stylists and everything inbetween. The week coincides with European Freelancer’s Week and the idea is to give you a week filled with business, educational, and inspirational content that will help you Read More

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FHA Kicks Off New Online Education Series

Last updated August 27, 2020

The Freelance Hairdressers Association (FHA) is continuing its support of the industry with a range of new online education opportunities for freelancers through online Zoom sessions. Having used the video-calling platform for regular meetings and education sessions with guest experts throughout lockdown, FHA has decided to continue hosting online seminars to assist freelancers in need Read More

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Inspire! Event Hosted Online by The FHA and Guests

Last updated July 28, 2020

This year, the Freelance Hairdresser’s Association (FHA) chose to adapt and hosted their annual Inspire! event for the freelance mobile hairdressing community live via Zoom. The day’s lineup covered all aspects of hairdressing with a star-studded group of guests jumping on camera to educate viewers. The morning’s events provided lots of valuable advice Kicking off Read More

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