This is Why you Should Invest in a Business Coach for your Salon

by akesha / last updated May 22, 2019

why to invest in a business coach

Julia Gaudio, former finalist for HJ’s Business Director of the Year, tells us why find out why she decided to invest in a business coach and what it has done for her business.

Why use a business coach?

I was going through some obstacles in my business and I had some financial equations that weren’t adding up in my mind. There was no way the business was going under, but I knew I had to address some elements in order to grow and not just keep plodding along. Business coach Peter Lunn was recommended to me and from that day on he has been my mentor as well as my advisor and confidant.

What target did you give your business coach?

The main reason I needed a coach was to look at the figures and the profit and loss of the business. I had no other issues except I needed a better financial balance, and this wasn’t an area that I’d been able to solve myself. We initially had a phone conversation to evaluate my business and then put a plan in place from there.

What advice would you give someone considering a business coach?

You have to be completely open-minded and honest with the coach, and be prepared to reveal all of your business. You have to be able to take the criticism. It’s also important to walk away and put the actions needed into practice.

Why use a specific hairdressing industry coach?

The way a salon operates is so specific and understanding exactly how salons work is half the battle.

Is it worth it?

I would not be without mine now – not because I’m not capable of running my own business; I can, and I don’t always agree with his suggestions, but he makes me do exercises to come to my own final decision. He’ll never tell me on what to do but he coaches me into my solutions.

Within the first hour I had saved his fee, purely from the advice that he gave me. There is no doubt that he has transformed our business. Turnover has increased by 22% in the last year since using Peter.

Would your business be as healthy without having used a business coach?

No. There are always scenarios that will arise that I simply have not had experience of and it is hugely beneficial to have someone to consult. Someone said to me recently that it can be lonely at the top, and it’s true. There are always hurdles to overcome that can’t be discussed with the team. Having a business coach makes these times easier.

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