Wales Hairdressers on Reopening and Seeing Clients Post-Lockdown

by laurahusband / last updated March 23, 2021

Wales hairdressers reopening clients

Wales hairdressers are the first within the UK to have experienced reopening their hairdressing salon doors and to be back with clients following the COVID-19 lockdown.

HJ has spoken to a selection of Wales hairdressers exclusively to discover what it’s like to be back behind the chair and working with clients after reopening to help you prepare for when it’s your turn whether you’re based in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Wales hairdressers on reopening and being back with clients post-lockdown

On Friday 12 March Wales announced hair salons in Wales could open for business from Monday 15 March. With three-days notice Wales-based hairdressers had to get their salons and teams ready to reopen once more following COVID-19 guidelines, social distancing measures and hygiene and safety protocols.

Ken Picton says: Electric atmosphere but prepare while you can

For Ken Picton, salon owner of Ken Picton Salon and Fellowship President the short notice was a challenge. He told HJ exclusively: “Reality is whilst we are delighted to be back and feel extremely fortunate to be open, the extremely short notice didn’t help us out really.  Of course there were rumblings we would open but we couldn’t do anything until we had the final go ahead.”

Ken’s biggest piece of advice for the other nations is use your time wisely, he said:

Get your houses in order because the second wave of customers is coming.  I would say we were all a bit anxious about getting back into the salon but nothing like last time, once you’re all in and get started you are soon back in the flow and then it feels like you never stopped!

Ken added: “There’s lots of regrowth and big hair cuts coming your way but again that’s what you will all be expecting. One thing that feels really different is the atmosphere in the salon. Of course the clients are delighted to be back but many have had their vaccines and that’s creating a really positive vibe which is lovely to be a part of.”

Casey Coleman says: The short notice was hard but it’s incredible to be back

Hair Dot Com Art Team member, Casey Coleman closed his hair salon in 2020 and is now working from a rented space. He told HJ exclusively that the reopening news came as a shock.

Casey said it was a shock having three-days’ notice to re-book months’ worth of clients, but on the plus side he added:

“It is fantastic to see people who you have missed so much. I had to close my business in December, but I am now working as a freelance instead and renting a space. It has been both wonderfully exciting and very busy. Especially as I have work on in other areas of my career like Hair Dot Com Art Team. My business closing in December has meant I had to try and work out other ways to survive and earn a living so I’ve been doing lots of online education which has been incredible and being part of the Hair Dot Com Art Team has been incredible.”

Casey is already struggling to keep up with demand after being back at work for a week. He told HJ:

“Being back to work brings an abundance of emotions that I cannot quite explain. I thoroughly love all my clients and it’s been really amazing to see everybody, but it has been tough to try and cater to so many people in such a short space of time. All in all it’s been a really great first week back and as we all know hair salons are one of the safest places to be so it’s nice people feel so comfortable coming in to their appointments.”

Lara Johnson says: We knew what to expect and clients are being adventurous

Lara Johnson, salon owner at Lara Johnson Lifestyle in Swansea is thrilled to be back. She said: We’re delighted to be back doing what we are so passionate about. There were a few nerves amongst the team but these quickly disappeared as soon as we were back in that magical atmosphere our industry creates.”

Lara added:

This return has been easier than the last as we’ve known what to expect and we’re ready for it. The clients have been ready to put their trust in our expertise and embrace new looks giving us the opportunities to push the boundaries

Lara has seen an increase in lockdown hair disasters, however but she said the team are enjoying correcting them in the salon.

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