Using Photographic Collections to Generate PR

by akesha / last updated December 4, 2018

Photographic Collections

So, the shoot is done and you’ve got the pictures which look incredible! Whether you realise it or not, that was the easy bit…what are you going to DO with them to get a return on your investment for your outlay? PR expert Laura Glazebrook of LWPR looks at how salons can get the most from their photographic collections.

It’s that time of year again, so whether you have the result you were after or not, make sure these shots work for you. Here’s our guide to getting the most out of your collection:

How to PR your Photographic Collections

Social media

Update your profile pictures, add the collection as an album to Facebook, use them to comment on current trends – do everything you can to get your pictures out there! Don’t forget to tag in your photographer, clothes stylist, make-up artist, models…everyone who worked with you on the shoot. They’ll then retweet/share to their followers and before you know it your images have reached thousands!


Don’t forget to update your website every time you create a new collection or image, constantly updating a website pushes it up the google rankings and also shows clients, both current and potential that you’re ahead of the competition and up on the latest trends.

Step by steps

Why not create a step by step while you’re doing the hair on the shoot? This way you have some great material to use for social media, and also something you can then create for the salon marketing or to give to clients.

Press stories

Send these images to all of your local press to show the work you’re doing, and invite them in to the salon to see how great you are for themselves. If you have some great colour work in your collection then create a story around the latest autumn/winter colour trends. A beautiful hair up? With Christmas coming showcase this with a how-to for party perfect styles. Talk to your local glossy magazine and see what features they have coming up, it’s more than likely that your imagery will work perfectly for one of their stories.

Of course the trade press are also the ideal outlet for your work, get in touch with the editors and send your collection with your inspiration behind it to them, and don’t forget the international hair press too – the clients love the idea you are international superstars!

In salon event

This can work for both staff and customers. Once you come back from your shoot, hold a training evening with the salon team to show them how to create the looks and colour techniques. Once you’ve done this then hold a seasonal catwalk show to your clients and new clients, create an event around it with champagne and canapés, and get all members of the team involved, from junior to senior.

If you’ve spent the time and money creating a collection, then don’t just leave it at that! Whatever the result, make sure this is a winning collection for you and your business!

Lead Image: KJM Salons


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