Using Hair Tutorial Videos to Promote Your Team’s Skills

by Matthew Batham / May 9, 2017

Barrie Stephen is of Barrie Stephen Hair in Leicestershire, recently produced a series of hair tutorial videos by his salon team, showcasing the latest trends and styling techniques available in the salon. Here’s what he has to say about this innovative way of promoting salon services.


“I started using video step-by-steps in the salon at the end of last year when we linked up with the production ‘Grease’ at the Curve theatre in Leicester. We created ‘get the look’ videos based on Danny and Sandy’s trademark styles for our website and social media to promote the partnership we had with the show. We then created three more trend and client focused videos in February.


Video tutorials had been on my radar for a while as consumers are increasingly getting into the habit of watching step-by-step tutorials online and on social media; it’s often how they learn new techniques and styles. There are so many people out there producing these videos who aren’t professional hairstylists and we noticed that gap in the market. If people want to watch step by steps to style their hair, it’s better that they get the advice from an expert who can help them achieve a professional finished look. As a business, it also means getting our name out there and providing our clients with a point of difference. It shows them that we’re au fait with online trends and willing to go the extra mile to provide them with a great experience, even once they’ve left the salon. It’s also a great way of promoting retail; we can recommend products that we stock in the salon within the videos that help get the desired look.


The videos get a great reaction from our clients! They love them and we’ve had people coming in and asking for the different finishes created on the videos, because they now know that it’s something we can do for them. It’s a brilliant way for salons to show off their skills and the services they offer in a way that excites and inspires their clients, whilst creating content for websites and social media platforms too. It can also provide a great team-building exercise as part of your staff training nights. It’s a fun thing to work on together; brainstorm ideas, then produce them as a team. It’s useful practice for talking about the work you do, explaining things in a consumer-friendly way and presenting product knowledge.

If you’re thinking of making step-by-step videos, just know that it doesn’t need to be complicated. Of course, you can work with a cameraman and create something with high production values, but you really don’t have to. You can use your camera phone to take photos or shoot a short film – just be sure that they are clear with no distractions in the background and a good view of the detail you’re trying to show off. There are so many ways which you can produce step-by-step Snapchat and Instagram Stories to allow you to make short films, or you can take photos and share them as a Facebook album or Instagram slideshow. The other priority is to plan what you want to do first. Write it all down with a rough idea of what it should contain; like a film storyboard, but much simpler!”



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