How to Uncover Opportunities During Uncertain Times

by laurahusband / last updated September 6, 2020

opportunities uncertain times

Salon business coach Liz McKeon shares her tips on how to uncover opportunities during uncertain times such as the Coronavirus world we are now living in. She says now is the time to ensure your hair salon business thrives as opposed to just survives during these uncertain times.

Uncover opportunities during uncertain times

Uncertain times have always provided great and lucrative opportunities. The trick is to know what to look for. You can’t keep doing what you did during good times and expect the same results. It is vital to keep up with the changing needs and expectations of your clients. Suggest new strategies and improved ways of operating for your team. This will instil confidence as it demonstrates that you are thinking of the overall growth and health of your salon business.

Focus on the needs that come to the fore during tough times. For example, now might be the time to introduce saving accounts for your clients so they can put money into their salon account weekly so they don’t have to worry about the bill, when they are getting high ticket services.

Try something new

Now is the time to experiment with new ideas – the more the better. The trick is to take a number of small, manageable risks and see what sticks. For example, offer a prize in the salon to the team member who gets the highest bill from a single client in a month as this will encourage your team to upsell every day.

Roll out the red carpet as excellent customer service doesn’t cost you anything. In fact, it pays, and it
is your best opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

Follow up on every call and enquiry. In good times, leads can slip through the net, but there is no room for that now or for the foreseeable future. Don’t pretend to your team or your clients that times aren’t tough. In fact it is better to emphasise it. Reassess the needs of your marketplace by listening to your clients. They bring an objective eye to your business. Listen to their feedback and ask for their suggestions. Make sure your clients feel appreciated for their business and they will continue to support you.

How to inspire, motivate and encourage your team

As the team leader you cannot stagnate in your managerial role. Now is your opportunity to inspire, motivate and encourage your staff to produce outstanding technical work while providing excellent customer service.

Resisting change right now is futile. Only by embracing change can you survive it. Smart salon owners and managers are prepared for change and are flexible enough to stay ahead of the game. The economic reality has created new boundaries. Leverage those boundaries to provide your salon with focus and increased creativity. Economic downturns are tough, but resourceful entrepreneurs willing to take calculated risks with forward thinking teams will have a prosperous and safe future.

How to take control of your business during uncertain times

2020 is the year of uncertainty. To make sure that uncertainty doesn’t become overwhelming, frightening and paralysing, identify what you can and cannot control. You can’t control Coronavirus, the economy, the weather or your competitors. Here is an essential checklist based on what you can control:

  • The pricing structure and timing of services in the business
  • The brands you partner with and the business focussed promotions you introduce with their help
  • Your investment in salon training and how this boosts staff retention and morale
  • The quality of your work
  • Customer service standards in your salon
  • Opening hours and your time management
  • Rosters and staff rotation
  • Bonus schemes for staff to reward excellence
  • How you protect your staff and clients from COVID-19

If you want to steer your salon successfully through unchartered territory, learn to focus on what you can control and watch your business soar.

Liz McKeon is a business coach who specialises in the hair industry. For details about business seminars and industry workshops go to


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