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Now’s the Time to Learn how to Give Great Virtual Hair Consultations

by akesha / last updated July 2, 2020

Coronavirus has truly changed our way of life. Most things that were simple pre-COVID-19 have had to change, including the way we work and interact. Hair consultations are necessary for giving the client the best services you can as it allows you to access their hair and lifestyle, while also managing expectations that they might have on what can be achieved.

With the restricted numbers recommended in salons to minimise risk of cross-contamination, the virtual hair consultation will be the way forward for the foreseeable future meaning that your time inside the salon will be free to get stuck into doing hair.

There are few key things you need to know to truly master virtual hair consultations. “As we reopen our businesses, our working day is going to be very different,” says Clive Collins, director at HOB Salons. “At all our HOB Salons, the consultation has always been key but we are elevating our consultations to the next level. During lockdown we have been training our teams so that when they return to work they have the knowledge to discuss current and future trends with their clients, whilst feeling confident to give their client the change that we think everyone will be looking for.” Below Clive outlines his tips for the best online consultations.

How should you hold virtual consultations?

We will be holding initial consultations over the phone and via zoom for all colour clients. These virtual consultations are a great way to break the ice and reconnect with our clients after months of not seeing one another. We will have time restrictions and limited availability so it is imperative for us to gain a strong understanding of how our clients have been managing their hair during lockdown so we can identify the correct service and length of time they need to be booked in for. Try to assess their hair against a plain back drop such as a white wall, so that there are no other distractions and we can purely focus on the hair itself.

What should you be asking?

The key questions we will be asking are: How are you feeling about your cut and colour? How would you like to feel about your hair when you leave the salon today? How have you been managing your hair during lockdown? What products are you using at home to ensure your hair remains beautiful and healthy after your appointment? How frequently are you able to visit the salon? Do you have a budget in mind? Are you aware in these unprecedented times that rebooking your next appointment is more essential now than ever before?

Clive’s top tip for successful virtual consultations

1 Encourage your team to use zoom, house party, FaceTime consultations where possible as this really helps to reconnect with your clients and enables you to see the state of their hair, thus saving time when the client arrives into the salon.
2 Follow a consultation method that allows you to ask all the appropriate questions but that lasts no longer than 5-10 minutes.
3 Be honest, be confident and advise your client on what you think she/he needs as well as what they want. This is the time to make our clients feel the best they’ve ever looked and an average consultation versus a great one will be the difference in that first visit and that 100th visit! The opportunities are incredibly exciting.

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