The NHBF Guide to Setting the Right Prices in 2022

by kieran / last updated January 12, 2022

NHBF salon owner setting right prices for new year

The New Year brings new opportunities, so the NHBF says that setting the right prices in your hair salon for the up and coming year is one of the most important activities you can do to ensure your business remains profitable throughout 2022.

Make sure that the prices you are charging for products and services are realistic. Remember that your prices must cover your costs and deliver a profit too. Use the New Year as an opportunity to calculate how much you’re paying out, for example wages, rent, stock, rates, etc. You’ll need to increase you prices if you are only just breaking even or making a loss. A cash flow forecast is vital.


If you do increase your prices – always try and give clients six weeks’ notice – don’t spring it on them.

NHBF Members can download the business finances, wages and profit guide which helps you understand the basics of financial management including tax, VAT, accounting and record keeping.


The National Hair & Beauty Federation (NHBF) is the UK’s largest trade body for businesses working in the hair, beauty and barbering industries. Join the NHBF before the end of January and quote HJO25 to get £25 off your membership fee.

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