Ten Ways to Attract Men to your Hair Salon

by bathamm / last updated August 27, 2009

Men's-hair1.jpgAs male clients continue to grow in importance to the professional salon and barber, it is important to actively identify the type of male client a salon wants to attract and why, says national sales manager for American Crew UK, Roger Snelling.

There is a lot more to men than many media clichés and stereotypes suggest. For example, 60% of guys are not interested in being labelled ‘metros’ or ‘retros’; they live by a more traditional set of standards.

Here are some suggestions on identifying and attracting your male client base.

  1. Once you’ve identified the market you want to attract, and priced your male grooming services accordingly, advertising in the right printed medium can pay dividends. Approach nearby corporate businesses to promote the services you can offer their male workers.
  2. Widen your service menu from offering just a traditional haircut – think about a neck-shave service in-between cuts; a full-shave service on certain days; or even introduce options like a wedding's-hair2.jpg
  3. Up to 70% of male grooming products are purchased by women, so target existing female clients and encourage them to focus their man on his grooming regime. Promote grooming products as gifts at peak times like Christmas, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day.
  4. Offer incentives to your female customers to encourage their men to visit for a cut or other service. The average female can influence up to five men – husband, boyfriend, son, brother or even their work colleagues.
  5. View your salon from the outside; what type of man will the image attract? Too feminine and it will put most guys off, but too shabby and the more affluent male will walk by. Does the imagery and wording of your business suggest that you are up to date with current men’s styling?
  6. Ensure that you have the top men’s titles to hand – FHM, GQ and Men’s Health, for example – showing male clients you understand their needs. If you are a barber, or male-specific salon, consider showing sports TV.
  7. Men are now more comfortable with grooming but still need advice. Consult with your male customers throughout their visit, not just at the beginning; give good advice on what products you use and's-hair3.jpg   
  8. Offer a full range of men’s grooming products for sale – men are no different to your female clients, they like choice. Some men use two or three styling products depending on their work and social habits.Ask questions to determine what will appeal to your client, but don’t bombard him, or he will run a mile.
  9. Merchandise your salon and retail areas well, change displays regularly to stimulate questions. Men visit the salon more frequently, so ensure they see something new every time they visit.
  10. Leave a lasting impression with your client by offering extras like a neck cooling balm or a free aftershave fragrance application as part of his visit.


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