How to Tap into the Growing Male Grooming Market

by laurahusband / last updated May 3, 2019

male grooming market

The growing male grooming market was one of the biggest success stories of the British high street in 2018. Follow these simple tips from some of our current British Hairdressing Business Awards winners  to generate revenue from this growing sector in your salon

Name: Hannah Kernick
Salon: H&Co Hair Salon
Awards: Customer Care, Independent Salon – Business Newcomer and Salon Design

““Offering male grooming services means our brand is getting in front of more potential clients as behind every well-groomed man is often a woman. The industry price point for men needs to catch up though. Men expect to pay less but often want just as much time spent on them as their female counterparts who often pay up to twice as much.”

Hannah’s steps to success:
– Create promotions that encourage existing female clients to bring the men in their lives into your salon.
– Offer more than a basic men’s cut. Hot towel treatments and wet shaves can help to bring new male clients to your salon.
– Stock professional male grooming products as this will help with client retention and will encourage male clients to return.

Hannah Kernick

Name: Mark Westerman
Salon: Westrow Academy
Award: Training Award

“Male clients will spend money on looking good so you need to stay ahead to profit from this industry. Keep an eye on what men look for from a service menu as it’s always changing. We’ve noticed a rise in the number of colour services men have in the salon and men spend more money on grooming. The client consultation and styling process can be an effective retailing tool, if used correctly. Men are visual and like to see results. Men don’t like the hard sell but once they buy, they tend to be loyal and will be more inquisitive next time around.”

Mark’s steps to success:
– Train your staff regularly with the best education.
– We offer a more discreet area for men who like to be more private when it comes to grooming.
– Enter awards as this is the perfect platform to shout about your skill and creativity within a niche area.

Mark Westerman

Name: Lisa Walby
Salon: Francesco Group, Cheltenham
Award: Franchisee of the Year

“The increasing demand for male barbering and grooming has given the career of a hairdresser more variety. It also gives
us the opportunity to turn over a bigger profit with little outlay. I feel the growth of the male grooming sector is a positive for our industry as men are spending a lot more time and money on their appearance. I believe that with the right marketing and training we can secure a regular clientele.”

Lisa’s steps to success:
– Keep up-to-date on men’s styles and cuts and educate your team.
– Have a designated area in your salon which caters for your
male clients.
– Have a variety of priced tiers based on the experience and expertise of your staff so you cover a wide range of men’s budgets.

Lisa Walby

Name: Natalie Love
Salon: Edward James London
Award: Salon of the Year 1

“Men are embracing the salon/spa experience. The ‘in and out’ mentality of a barbershop is becoming a thing of the past. Statistics show male grooming is a multi-billion-pound industry with huge potential for further growth.”

Natalie’s steps to success:
– Men are more likely than women to purchase grooming products online. Give men the option to purchase products and vouchers on your salon’s website.
– If you don’t have the space for a separate grooming area in the salon, consider what else you can do to make your service unique. Complimentary massage rituals, a post haircut gent’s cleanse and a glass of bubbles make our salon stand out from our competitors.
– Use your captive audience as even a predominantly female client base will have at least one male in mind that they could treat to an experience or gift.

Natalie Love

Name: Phil Smith
Salon: Smith England
Award: Salon of the Year 2

“We have seen a steady increase in men taking more interest in their appearance and investing in male specific products. This has proven to be lucrative for the business. We are currently planning the development of a new floor in the salon that will be dedicated to barbering and the male grooming market. My son is training to be a hairdresser and he is showing particular interest in the barbering side of our industry. I have high expectations for what this will do for our business.”

Phil’s steps to success:

– Tailor your social strategy to the male market – 32% of Instagram users are male so do not alienate them on your feed.
– Ensure you offer training that is relevant and your team know the latest men’s styles and cuts.
– Stay up-to-date on current male influencers. Your team should be familiar with celebrity trends without having to reach for their phones.

Phil Smith

Name: Christian Wiles
Salon: Christian Wiles Hairdressing
Award: Male Grooming Salon of the Year

“Our business was privileged to enter this market at the beginning and we’ve cemented ourselves as a key male grooming authority locally and nationally. We offer an experience rather than a basic service which gives us a loyal clientele. The regularity of visits, add-on services such as beard grooming and face profiling, as well as an increase in retail sales, have all contributed to this becoming a highly profitable revenue stream.”

Christian’s steps to success:

– Don’t underestimate the power of knowledge. Invest in the team’s skills to stay ahead of the competition.
– Consider your audience and make your business a lifestyle choice as this will encourage loyalty and word of mouth advertising.
– Implement a marketing strategy that stays true to your values. Think outside of the box and invest in building brand awareness.

Christian Wiles

Name: Janet Maitland
Salon: Janet Maitland Hair Excellence
Award: Business Director of the Year

“The male grooming market is a great way to add extra income to your business. Men are much more aware of their image and want to look and feel as good as possible. Getting the male market right means increased clientele and a higher turnover for your business. The frequency of men’s visits gives your team a regular income and it’s a great way of retailing professional men’s grooming products to clients. Once a man finds a product that works for him, he’ll stick with it so you’ll benefit from repeat purchases. He’ll also stick with a barber or hairdresser who gets his style needs spot on too.”

Janet’s steps to success:

– Barbering is a real skill so invest in training for your team. Men will often drop into the salon without an appointment so all your staff need to be skilled at men’s haircuts.
– Images of men’s cuts displayed in the window will encourage men to visit your salon. It’s crucial to make sure the images hit the mark – they must be stylish and on-trend.
– Have a great range of men’s products and magazines on offer and train your staff on how to communicate with male clients in the salon.

Janet Maitland

Name: Salv Mulé
Salon: Academy Salons, Cobham
Award: Retail Salon of the Year

“The male grooming market has grown massively over the past few years. This has made us more aware that a short back and sides isn’t going to cut it any more with today’s image-conscious men. This has motivated us to give our stylists more education on short haircuts and intense clipper work so we can follow and anticipate upcoming male grooming trends.”

Salv’s steps to success:
– Stock a comprehensive range of products in your salon that are suitable for your male clients.
– Promote beard trims and male-specific additional services in the salon.
– Use marketing to promote head massages and treatments for your male clients because they don’t just appeal to women – your male clients will enjoy pampering too.

Salv Mule

This article was originally published in the May 2019 issue of Hairdressers Journal 


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