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Tackle Damaged Hair using Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect with ME+

by laurahusband / last updated December 18, 2018

Wella Professionals technical director Robert Eaton and colour creative Clayde Baumann explain how to tackle damaged hair in the salon this winter using Koleston Perfect with ME+

Identify damaged hair

The winter months can cause havoc to your client’s hair. The weather is colder, which can cause hair to become dry and frizzy. Cold temperatures cause the cuticle of the hair to lift slightly meaning moisture is released and hair becomes dryer and more brittle. Hair colour can also be damaged by the lifting of the cuticle as colour is not sealed so it could be prone to fading.

As it gets colder outside, the central heating goes on inside, which can dry out and harm the hair. You may also find clients style their hair more in the winter months, especially in the run up to the Christmas party season, which can lead to excess mechanical damage from using hot tools.

Explain the problem to your clients

Show your client the visual indicators for damaged hair, such as split ends or colour banding. You can also carry out a porosity test during the appointment. Take a single strand of hair and elevate it away from the hair shaft and run your finger down the hair shaft against the cuticle scales to see if the cuticles are swollen.

Solve your client’s damaged hair problem

Using products and treatments that keep hair strong and hydrated are fantastic, but you also need to keep clients educated. It’s important to guide clients on how they can help reduce the impact of the weather and the tools they use between appointments. You could show them the correct blow-drying techniques and the right temperature for styling their hair as well as bespoke tips for their hair type.

Advise clients to have regular in-salon treatments such as Wella Professionals Fusion Intense Repair service and System Professional LuxeOil Emulsion treatment. WELLAPLEX can also be used to keep the structural integrity of the hair in place. A preventative measure is to suggest deeper shades in the winter months as this will reduce excess peroxide usage, which may lead to chemical damage and will add to mechanical damage from tools.

Generate extra revenue

Listen to your client during the consultation to find out if their lifestyle is affecting their hair’s health. Use this knowledge to upsell relevant products.

Today’s clients understand haircare is just as important as skincare and appreciate the benefits. Suggesting a product that will work for your client’s hair will mean they will be more likely to repeat purchase from you in future.

How can Koleston Perfect with ME+ help?

Koleston Perfect with ME+

Koleston Perfect with ME+ has advanced technology that improves the texture of the hair, helping it feel stronger and healthier. Colour lasts longer, and clients can experience a salon professional finish for longer between professional colour appointments. It can also be used as a glossing service to maintain shine, colour and client frequency. Pure Balance Technology identifies where the hair is porous and where it would otherwise grab onto cooler tones that may look banded or uneven. This means it gives hair a beautiful quality, without you having to worry about excess porosity.

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