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This Monthly Subscription Box is Aimed at Hair Pros

by akesha / November 24, 2017

Go Gorgeous Online is an online resource for hair and beauty professionals. Through the site pros receive support through short courses, online aid, a regularly updated jobs board for fashion and tv work and industry news. This month the site launched the industry’s first ever professional hair subscription box.

HJ spoke exclusively to the founder Rose Sterling about the site and how the Pro Box can benefit the independent hair professional.

What sparked the idea for the PRO Boxes?
I was fortunate to have worked with a variety of global brands, including L’Oréal, Goldwell and Revlon for nearly 12 years. During this time, I worked with various salon groups and independent salons across the UK and I began to see a trend where hair and beauty professionals wanted more control over their careers. This included managing their working hours, selecting the products they chose to work with, access to further training and new techniques / innovation, as well as moving into freelancing / session work. With Go Gorgeous Online I wanted to ensure we supported these vital areas, which is why we offer support and advice, access to training via our hair and beauty partners and exclusive access to the latest professionals products via our Monthly Pro Box.

What was the process like creating the boxes?
It was a really exciting venture! I love products and the brand companies love what we are creating so it’s been great! I guess the hardest part was deciding on when to feature each product and ensuring we stick to budgets! I can get carried away when it comes to hair & beauty products, as you kind of want to put everything into one box!

The hair ProBox is aimed at professionals in the hair & beauty industry. What are the main benefits of subscribing?
We offer our subscribers all round support, Go Gorgeous Online provides access to affordable education, inspiring workshops, work opportunities and a Monthly Pro Box. For example, we give our subscribers access to opportunities for paid and collaborative work in fashion, TV and media. Our Platform also offers our subscribers an online profile which they can build & develop and be “found” for work opportunities. In January 2018, we will launch our exclusive range of workshops, live online courses and certified short courses. Run by our partner brands, we aim to offer our subscribers insider product knowledge and education on new techniques and services to support their careers. It is a really exciting and affordable way to up skill and earn more money!

Go Gorgeous Pro Hair Box

Our Monthly ProBox contains 6 full sized products to help build their pro session kit and experience product edits and tools from around the world. Pros can chose from a Hair ProBox for hair pros and Beauty for beauty pros or both if your skilled in hair and beauty. The Monthly ProBox will include new product launches and innovating tools. It`s a great platform for both hair and beauty brands and professionals wanting to stay at the forefront of our industry.

What other benefits can professionals expect when they sign up to Go Gorgeous Online?
There are opportunities to review products and create tutorials for our YouTube channel. It’s a chance to be a part of a supported community! We sponsor international events like London Fashion Week, which offers a chance to be a part of a backstage team and gain valuable experience. They can even earn commission recommending a great selection of products via our partners My Showcase. The benefits are pretty vast; offering something for students just starting out to business owners wanting to explore new brands and keep an eye on trends.

What plans do have for Go Gorgeous looking to 2018?
Well, where do I start? Live online workshops and courses, exciting new partnerships, international support and shipping. I don`t want to give away too much but our vision is to support, educate and inspire, hair and beauty professionals worldwide. We want to build an international community of hair and beauty professionals where we can offer support and help set future trends.

Users can subscribe to the Go Gorgeous Monthly Pro Box for £30.00 a month or the Go Gorgeous Monthly Pro Box + Pro Membership for £40.00 per month at gogorgeous.online/  and receive a range of benefits.



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