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Revamping Your Salon on a Budget

by sophieh / last updated September 10, 2009

main2.jpgFormer finalists of the British Hairdressing Business Awards Salon Design of the Year Award have all managed to create something that stands out from the competition with their salon interiors.

Their knowledge and experiences make them the perfect people to advise anyone considering a redesign, but in a tough trading climate a total style overhaul isn’t always possible.

We speak to former finalists to find out which area of the salon managers should be investing in. 

Zappas-Fleet.jpgSteve Connell, Zappas

From research and gathering client feedback, we have noted that a comfortable and relaxing backwash area is high on the agenda for clients. If your budget permits, invest in this area. Make it as luxurious and relaxing as possible. Focus on chairs, lighting and water temperature. If your budget won’t stretch to this, make small changes throughout – focus on making the salon more welcoming, freshen up décor and be inventive with feature walls and design twists.

Seanhanna-salon-design.jpgSean Hanna, Sean Hanna

When designing a salon I always try to find some USPs – something that can differentiate you from the competitors – if you couldn’t afford to do the whole salon, try putting the salon into separate zones – styling zone, colour zone, backwash zone etc – so then, for example,  you could create a new and unique backwash zone without doing a complete salon refit – this could give your salon a new and fresh feel while perhaps introducing something ‘unique’ into your salon design.

Lisa-Shepherd-salon-interio.jpgLisa Shepherd, Lisa Shepherd Salons

“If you don’t have the budget to do a full refurbishment, you could give your salon an all-over really good spring clean, replacing anything that is broken or small things that can easily be updated – perhaps new mirrors in the bathroom, new light fittings, new cups and saucers, or a new coffee machine, new magazine racks. Throw out all old tatty magazines and buy fresh ones weekly.  A lick of paint can give a fresh feeling to a salon. 

Trevor-Sorbie-salon-interio.jpgTrevor Sorbie, Trevor Sorbie

Firstly, you have to ask whether the refurbishment is intended to 1) attract more new clients, 2) retain existing clients, or 3) retain and attract staff?  To attract new clients, the external image of your salon is important, with immense attention to detail.  To retain existing clients, preferably take professional design advice, and ensure at the very least, you have provided comfortable backwash units and styling chairs. If you have any money left, consider a low cost re-paint and maybe some new indirect lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere. Then consider thoroughly updating the toilet areas if needed, as these areas are very often neglected. For team retention, make sure that their rest areas are bright, clean, and tidy, with simple refreshments available to them. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, but a little investment here goes a long way towards goodwill between you and your team.”

Mack-Salon-Design.jpgTina Mack, MACK

If your primary aim is to improve the interior of the salon we have found that it is paramount to concentrate on the small details. Ensure that floors are kept spotless, units are regularly polished and products are stored neatly. Look for obvious repairs, such as cracks and dirty, colour stained walls. These may seem like minor aspects but suggest to your clients a lack of care and respect for your working environment. To attract new clients it is essential to concentrate on the exterior of your salon. Take a step back from your salon and look at it from a client’s perspective, would you want to book an appointment? Does the exterior connote a professional and contemporary establishment? The salon reception area is also a great place to concentrate on when refurbishing your salon. It influences the client’s initial perspective of the salon and should be visible from the salon exterior. By changing the smallest details you can ensure your salon not only attracts new clients but provides loyal ones with a fantastic salon experience from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.

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