These are the Best Ways to Promote Your Award Wins

by akesha / December 9, 2017

Entering Industry awards and post-award promotions can become an important part of your salon marketing. You need to make sure you’re marketing your award wins well, says Penny Etheridge

Why do it?

Holding regular consumer events can be key to raising your salons local profile and done well they will achieve so much. Most salons are very good at holding consumer evenings, however, one neglected opportunity is hosting a post award soirée.

Letting your clients know that you have the care and commitment to enter large national competitions can be a tremendous USP over competing local business and demonstrates your salon is not just around to make money. Your award event will demonstrate that you are not only professional but your business holds standards that are nationally recognised.

 How to do it

I would suggest that you start planning your post awards evening to take place two weeks after the event. This will allow enough time to post up pictures, write blogs and send out invites.

 Give your audience a reason to go

Make sure you get the value for attending very clear to your guests. The reality is that entering the award was only one part of the larger picture towards increased salon profile. Hosting the event is your opportunity to get your message across just how professional and successful your business is. While planning makes sure the right people are invited, the drinks and food are appropriate plus all information and marketing is themed. There is a lot to consider. After all the preparation, you need to make sure the evening is a worthwhile, memorable experience and one that promotes the salons achievements to the wider audience.

Keep communicating.

It’s the morning after the awards! So, to continuing building momentum towards making your post award bash a success you need to start checking in with your guests and letting them know the result. The fact you have made it through to the Grand Final is an achievement in the first place and even if you didn’t win, don’t worry.  Remember, you have still achieved a lot more than your local competitors.

The evening!

Send out Thank You cards to all who attended preferably hand signed and posted. Yes, I know its old fashioned but E Mail messages sometimes get lost so why take the risk after all the hard work you put in to preparing and hosting the event?

Post all the pictures on Facebook and Twitter and not just a one off, keep posting up throughout the whole of the following week. Most people love to see themselves being pictured at events, it gets them feeling involved with your business. All helping to create the salon “fan base” not client base.

Penny Etheridge, founder of the Radiant Hair Consultancy, is recognised as a highly qualified and passionate business coach, lecturer and presenter for the hair and beauty industry.






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