New Health and Safety Guides for Salons

by bathamm / last updated July 1, 2014

Health and safetyHealth and safety guides for barber shops and hairdressing salons have been released as a joint venture by the leading body in occupational safety, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and the National Hairdressers’ Federation (NHF).

NHF chief executive Hilary Hall said: “Health and safety is an important consideration for any business owner, but in an industry like hair and beauty which is heavily dominated by micro-businesses, it’s yet one more thing for owners to worry about.  This guide really helps as it clearly sets out what salon owners must do by law and also covers issues which are specific to the industry.”

Pani Lazarou, owner of Bentley & Co barber shop in Cardiff, said ‘the NHF’s barber group wanted a simple health and safety guide specially for barber shop owners as the risks are different compared to hairdressing salons.  The guide includes advice about hot towel shaves, using and disposing of razor blades, dealing with cuts and contamination risks.’

Yvonne McConnell, owner of Phaze 1 Hair, Nails & Beauty Lounge Ltd in Blackpool said, ‘as an NHF member, it’s been great working with IOSH.  Combining our practical experience from years of ‘hands on’ working in hair salons with their expertise in occupational health and safety has been very successful.’

The guides give straightforward information and practical tips for hairdressing and barbering business owners to help them manage health and safety in the workplace. Specific advice for key safety concerns includes the correct use, storage and disposal of tools, equipment and chemicals.  It covers skin problems due to constant contact with chemicals, the most common of these being dermatitis.  Aches and pains due to the amount of standing and repetitive tasks, fire precautions and the prevention of slips, trips and falls are also covered in the guides.

Jane White, IOSH research and information services manager, said: “These tailor-made guides will give your business the very best chance of survival in a competitive business world.  Getting health and safety right isn’t just about staying on the right side of the law, but also taking a few simple steps to tackle the risks that businesses face, and you’ll soon see the benefits – from your reputation to your bottom line.”


The guides can be downloaded at or from the NHF website

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