Making the Most of Email Marketing

by Matthew Batham / April 18, 2017

Award-winning salon owner and business writer, Phil Jackson offers his top 5 tips for getting the most from email marketing.

  1.  Details matter.  Keep your database up to date and have a process for updating client records or your email marketing will fail to deliver.  We have a big cleanup every January.  Check the spelling of client names carefully if you’re going to use them in an email.
  1.  Support your existing promotions.  Email marketing can have great results on its own, but it has a lot more impact if it’s bringing attention and exposure to your in-salon marketing.
  1.  Three is a magic number.  One email on its own will very often sink without trace.  Send a detailed email first, follow up with a reminder in a week and a final call just before your promotion ends for stronger results.
  1.  Know your audience.  Create a customer avatar: a fictitious character who embodies your target market.  The make sure every email is written with her in mind.  Your tone should be that of writing to a friend.
  1.  Ditch the graphics.  Most emails will be opened on a mobile device and download time matters.  Fill your email with images and watch the engagement crash through the floor.  Short, text-based emails work best.

Phil Jackson is the owner of the award-winning Bravo Hairdressing in Newbury and the founder of Build Your Salon where he is a salon coach and mentor.  His second book, the Hairy Book of Email is a step-by-step guide to making email a reliable marketing pillar in your salon.  Available on Amazon now for £12, HJi readers can get a copy for just £8 here:




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