This is What Clients Think Makes A Great Hairdresser

by charlottegw / last updated October 3, 2018

hairdresser with client kelly shone Adams

Kelly Shone Adams was voted by the public as The Nation’s Favourite Hairdresser in a competition organised to mark the 25th birthday of Good Salon Guide. HJ exclusively interviewed her to find out what made her clients vote for her and how it felt to win. 

What are the characteristics that make a popular hairdresser?
You have to be a creative person, as people come to you for your skills. But you also have to be someone that people relate to. Listening is a big skill when you are a hairdresser. It’s important to be a team player too, you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with. You can’t become complacent with your clients and the work you create.

What compliment from a client are most proud of?
Well I’m so grateful to everyone who took the time to vote so every comment is special to me. I’ve since read some snippets of clients comments, and one called the salon ‘her happy place’ and that ‘every time she leaves she feels like she has had a great big cotch’. That’s Welsh for a great big cuddle! One client said it was like ‘going to your best friend for coffee but you come away with amazing hair afterwards.’ Someone also said ‘Kelly is the Willy Wonka of hairdressing – going to Technocracy Hair is like receiving a golden ticket.’ It’s amazing to hear feedback like that.

Why do you think the nation has such a close relationship with their hairdresser?
You don’t build a business, you build a client base. I have been hairdressing for 26 years and my longest-standing client is someone who came to me 20 years ago. You become a confidant and advisor. It’s such a personal thing to have your hair washed and cut, so you have to be approachable.

Do you have a mantra or a set of rules that you live by every day?
Treat people how you want to be treated. People are paying for a service, but they are also paying for your company in a way too. They aren’t going to continue coming to you if you’re not approachable. I want to make people feel the best versions of themselves. We’re in a society that portrays an idealised version of how we should look. We’re our own worst critics often – comparing ourselves to the Kardashians and people like that. If you can make one person feel beautiful, then that is the most rewarding thing ever.

How did you feel when you were crowned the Nations Favourite Hairdresser?
I was totally shocked, it was a big surprise. I’ve been hairdressing for 26 years, but I only opened my own business four months ago. It was a nationwide competition so I thought it would be a big London salon that would win. I was actually presented with the award whilst I was in the salon and had clients in. My partner actually knew beforehand – I don’t know how he kept that a secret!

Why do you think that you were crowned the Nations Favourite Hairdresser?
I have not only built fantastic relationships with my clients, but with other stylists too as an educator. It’s flattering to know that other hairdressers have voted for me as well. I’m sure there are some hairdressers who have an ego but it’s fantastic to know that the industry on the whole isn’t driven by that. I think you’re only ever as good as the service you give people and your clients. Winning is down to the deep relationships that I have with every client and fellow hairdresser and I’m eternally grateful!

The competition attracted 5,000 public votes so clearly the great British public has a huge amount of affection for their hairdressers. Guide members were asked to change their profile picture on September 25 with £1 for each change going to the Hairdressers’ Charity. In total, £1,200 was raised.

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