Introducing Hair Loss Services into your Salon? Here’s 8 Steps to Consider

by maryforester / January 26, 2017

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With hair loss rates on the rise, it’s key for stylists to gain a basic understanding in order to maintain client loyalty as well as creating a trusting and open space at a clients most vulnerable time.

If you’re considering introducing hair loss services into your salon, the UK’s leading Hair Loss Specialist and Trichologist, Eva Proudman AIT has 8 simple steps you should follow to begin your journey:

1/. Do Your Market Research

Be mindful of hair loss and thinning.  Spend a little time considering the existing clients that you already have that require guidance and help.  You should then consider your wider audience.  When you are actively researching, suddenly you will become more aware of the huge number of people that are affected by hair loss.  According to new research, there’s an estimated 3 million women in the UK alone that suffer with a variety of hair loss issues. Remember, these people are your potential new clients.

2/. Consider Your Competition

Are you familiar with any hair loss specialists in your area?  In many areas, this is unlikely. Recent research suggests that those suffering Alopecia conditions feel that there is a severe lack of information and help available to them. If you do find a hair loss specialist locally, find out more about the services that they offer. Wig Cutting and advice, referral to trichologists and consulting with clients who are suffering from fine, thinning hair requires knowledge and skill.  The estimated 3 million women in the UK that are experiencing hair loss issues need to visit a hairdresser who is knowledgeable and can offer sound, realistic and actionable advice.  This advice can prevent further loss and resolve current issues as well as instil a sufferer with the confidence that there is hope.  There is a real opportunity to develop your salon services to a whole new, captive audience – we’ve not even mentioned the satisfaction that you get from helping people when they really need you.

3/. Consider How You Could Implement Hair Loss Into Your Salon Business

Hair Loss consultations can often require a quiet area in the salon that ensures that clients feel comfortable and relaxed when having difficult conversations.  Whilst having a specialist room in the salon for hair loss is a wonderful idea, the reality is less likely for many salons.  Perhaps you should consider opening the salon out of hours for hair loss clinics or find a quiet space that can be used away from regular clients.

4/. Contact Eva With A Case Study

Maybe you have a client who is struggling with loss and you’re really unsure of how to offer advice and support?  You could contact Eva Proudman by email and ask her advice and opinion.  This may help you understand the solutions that are available to ALL types hair loss clients. Eva is keen to stress that trichological diagnosis cannot be done remotely, but advice can be given to enable you and your client to make decisions and consider their next steps in an informed manner.

5/. Book Your First Course

Attend a Hair Loss Solutions in Salon seminar with Eva Proudman.  This seminar will help you to discover, develop and deliver in-salon solutions for the growing number of clients with hair thinning or hair loss.  The seminar gives an overview of conditions and solutions that you will see in salon, there is also a hands on time to see, feel and try the different products. After completing the course you can decide which area you would then like to continue into first.  You can book onto further courses depending on your preferred specialism.  Ensure that over a period of time you have a strategy to extend your knowledge and understanding of all things related.

6/. Invite Case Study Clients Into The Salon

You need hands on experience and before and after photographs.  Invite a couple of clients into the salon as soon as you return from your course so that you can put your recent findings into action. This will help you build your confidence and knowledge immediately. You can always refer back to Eva for advice.

7/. Promote Your New Services and Specialisms

Use targeted Facebook advertising in your local area to promote your new specialism – you will receive tailor made and branded banners that are already sized for social media when you attend any of the above courses.  You will also receive step by step information on how to market hair loss on Facebook and social media. Ensure that you have information in your reception area that promotes the new services that you are offering – this will trigger clients to ask more questions.  Word of mouth advertising is important and you may also like to contact charities such as Alopecia Uk who have forums and directories that would allow you to promote your specialism.

8/. Offer a Pop Up Tricholgy Clinic

Eva Proudman also offers a “Pop-Up Trichology Clinic” for a reduced fee per client at your salon, (minimum of 3 clients necessary).  As you build your reputation as a hair loss specialist locally, it is a great opportunity to get Eva Proudman AIT into your salon to offer guests professional diagnosis and support.  This will attract existing and new clients into the salon if promoted correctly.

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