How to Introduce a New Colour Range to your Salon

by laurahusband / last updated March 27, 2019

New colour range

Adding a new colour range (Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect with ME+) to the Aubrey Hairdressing salon has already increased revenue for the business. Thanasis Karalis, the head colour director and owner of Rene Aubrey Hairdressing, explains how he made the transition to the new colour range and shares how the team is using it to grow his business.

Making the transition to a new colour range

Education and support are key factors for changing to a different colour brand or range within the salon. You should always embrace change and see it as an adventure. Making the transition to a new colour range will also encourage a different thought process. It can be really stimulating for the colourists in your team. We moved to Wella Professionals because we are a big colouring salon and our product choices are key to maintaining seamless results for our clients. The new Koleston Perfect with ME+ formulation is a game changer for the team and the Wella Professionals education programme is comprehensive. I believe an educated stylist equals a happy stylist and salon.

Reassuring your clients about the new colour range

Most of our clients have been with us for many years and trust us implicitly with the care of their hair. We always strive for excellence and that reflects in the products we use. I believe if we are passionate and believe in a colour range our clients will too. For example, I’m excited to have a permanent tint that can be used from root to tip without damaging a client’s hair. While team member, Moncha, is telling clients how excited she is to be working with colour that tackles excess brassiness while creating natural tones with superior shine.

Generating extra revenue from the new colour range

We have found Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect with ME+ has had a very positive impact on the colour revenue within our salon. Consumers in 2019 are very savvy so the new ME+ technology is a game changer. It gives even more of our clients the opportunity to experiment with colour without the worry of developing an allergy or a sensitivity to colour.*

How can Koleston Perfect with ME+ help?

Koleston Perfect with ME+

“Wella Professionals is a market leader in hair colouring. The introduction of ME+ technology is an advancement for our industry and gives our salon an edge in the way we approach colour with our clients. ME+ technology is a scientific breakthrough for clients because it reduces the risk of sensitivities* while delivering even colour from root to tip with 100% grey coverage. It also leaves the hair feeling wonderful and full of sheen. Wella Professionals has been very active in making sure we are well informed and up-to-date with colour techniques and all the latest trends.”

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