This is How to Work Smarter Not Harder When You Return to Work

by laurahusband / last updated July 2, 2020

Work Smarter Not Harder

Discover how to work smarter not harder when you return to work by making small changes that will improve your work/life balance, explains NHBF’s chief executive Hilary Hall.

One unexpected result of lockdown is many salon owners have realised how much time they spend at work, which means missing out on friends and family time. Many have vowed to make some real changes when they reopen to achieve a healthier work/life balance.

“There are a number of steps you can take to make a positive difference to your way of life while still protecting and even improving the financial success of your business,” says NHBF chief executive Hilary Hall.

Work smarter not harder by sorting out your prices and cash flow

If you want to work smarter, not harder, you must get your prices right, says Hilary. “You must ensure you are charging enough to cover your costs and make a profit. Don’t be afraid to increase your prices if you need to. The vast majority of clients will understand and stay loyal to your salon.”

Sorting out your cash flow forecast is just as important, says Hilary. “It may sound obvious to say that you need to have more cash coming in than going out but running out of cash is a major cause of business failure.”

To find out more about taking control of your cash flow go to:

Work smarter not harder by deciding your opening hours

When you have dealt with the initial influx after lockdown, decide on your opening hours and stick to them, says Hilary. “Your clients will soon get used to your new routine and will understand that you are no longer staying open to offer last-minute or ‘emergency’ appointments. Don’t allow yourself to be pressurised or made to feel guilty.”

Work smarter not harder by not being afraid to delegate

Make the most of your employees’ individual talents and skills by delegating tasks that they will be happy to take on. For example, one of your employees may be a big social media fan and could take on the role of looking after your social media accounts. Another team member might enjoy liaising with product suppliers and ensuring good stock levels are maintained. “This is a win-win situation,” says Hilary. “It frees up your time and it shows you trust your staff and you’re interested in their career development.”

Work smarter not harder by making the most of your salon software

“Salon software is extremely sophisticated now and you should take advantage of all the time-saving advantages it offers,” says Hilary. “For example, you can use it for online appointment booking, appointment scheduling, automatic email marketing and appointment reminders, financial reports, feedback surveys and staff management.”

Work smarter not harder by following these top tips

Top tips to work smarter, not harder, include increasing retail sales (, using an accountant ( and having a clear no-shows and late cancellations policy. NHBF members can download a free in-depth guide on this topic here:

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