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How to Stand out From the Crowd as a Salon Business

by akesha / last updated April 7, 2020

Every expert in every Industry is saying that to be successful in business you must stand out. Business consultant Nergish Wadia-Austin breaks down how to create a niche for you and your salon business.

First your business must stand out visually. This involves doing a ‘walk through the business’ and making sure the exterior really pops. Check the paint is not peeling, the signage is not damaged, all the lighting is working, the visuals in the window represent the type of work the team is producing and that it is reflective of market trends for every season.

Correct and inclusive price lists should be prominently displayed. The reception area needs to be inviting, with plenty of current magazines and tablets with images featuring hair style, colour, texture, length, condition, fringe and finish options. These might sound like basic points and yet so many salons fall down in these areas.

Deliver a standout product

In a hair salon your product could be anything from a haircut, a colour service, a treatment or a keratin-based service to a retail product, a hairdressing tool such as a dryer or a brush. You should strive to ensure every customer leaves the salon worthy of getting compliments and wanting everyone to know how much they love their salon and stylist.

Of course, if you have stand out marketing, social media and networking skills you will be able to attract so much more trade just based on the frenzy your stand out product on your client’s head can create.

Deliver a standout service

When a business offers their customers great care and service, it makes them feel valued, welcomed and important and will encourage them to return in their droves. More importantly, two other precious gifts emerge from this way of treating your customers.

Your customers will remain loyal and will wax lyrical about how great they feel about their visit to your business. This will inadvertently drive huge numbers of new customers to your doors. No amount of direct marketing, social media posts or networking alone can achieve this result so it is cost effective for your business.

Make your talented professionals stand out

Every member of the team in your salon must be exceptional. This is the key to shedding the mediocrity status which plagues so many businesses. It is the responsibility of every salon manager to ensure that every employee in the business understands the importance of standout practices, behaviour, service appearance and adheres to them. Stand out professionals get booked up, build loyalty, have followings, get recommendations, increase spend and delight their customers.

Nergish’s stand out checklist

1. You need to make your salon stand out visually.
2. You need to deliver standout products (cut/colour) and standout service delivery.
3. Make sure your staff stand out by being experts in their field and help them to stand out with engaging social media posts.
4. Provide the best customer consultations,
5. Make this the year that your business stands out from the crowd.

Nergish Wadia-Austin is a London-based business management consultant to the hair and beauty Industry. Her one day, action packed courses and services are designed to increase business revenues dramatically. Her business acumen is appreciated and regularly used by the best in the industry! To check out her courses and services visit or email her via [email protected].

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