HJ Insider: The Effects of the Second Lockdown and Plans for 2021

by laurahusband / last updated December 8, 2020

HJ Insider second lockdown

HJ Insider, sponsored by Wella Professionals reveals the results from our most recent exclusive survey on how you are preparing for the new year, how the second lockdown affected you and your business and the most popular services for your business.

HJ Insider Sponsored by Wella Professionals: the effects of the second lockdown and plans for 2021

Are you in lockdown

HJ Insider: Are you in a second lockdown?

When this survey was carried out the vasty majority of those surveyed were currently in a lockdown  that meant their hairdressing business had to close. In fact 94% of those surveyed were in the middle of a lockdown that meant their hair business was closed.

How spending time in second lockdown

For the 94% of those who were in the middle of the second lockdown, the majority of those surveyed (50% in fact) said they were making the most of the lockdown by spending it in a variety ways.

17% of those surveyed were carrying out virtual education, 12% were preparing their business for reopening while 10% were taking some time out. Other pastimes during the second lockdown included: Speaking to clients, working on new marketing initiatives, preparing for 2021 and selling retail products to clients.

Learnings from lockdown

HJ Insider: What have you learned from the previous lockdown that you can apply to the second lockdown?

Those surveyed were asked what they had learned from the first lockdown that they have been able to apply to the second lockdown. 43% of those questioned said they had extensive learnings since the first lockdown. 20% of those surveyed said they had specifically learned the benefits of online education, 17% had learned the importance of giving yourself a break, 13% learned how to stay connected with the industry and 3% learned how to attract new clients from social media and market to existing clients.

What are your most popular services at the moment?

Most popular salon services

For those surveyed who were still able to operate their hairdressing business, the most popular service was colour, followed by cut and treatment sat in third place.

Most popular colour services

From the colour services taking place, highlights/babylights was listed as the most popular colour service, followed by root touch-ups and balayage.

Popular cutting service

The most popular cutting services that took place for those who were still able to operate were trims/one length cuts, followed by bobs and layers.

How is the UK Government handling the ongoing pandemic?

Government pandemic

There were mixed responses from the respondents when asked how the UK Government is handling the ongoing pandemic. Half of those surveyed said they were unsure about how the UK Government had handled the ongoing pandemic, while 32% of those surveyed said it had been handled badly and 18% were pleased with the Government’s handling of the situation.

Support for industry

When asked whether the UK Government had offered enough support to the UK hairdressing industry, the majority of those surveyed (65%) said no, 22% said they were not sure and 13% of those surveyed were happy with the support being offered.


For the 65% of those who felt the UK Government could have offered more support to the UK hairdressing industry there were multiple ways the respondents feel the Government could have helped from offering a VAT cut to offering specific financial help for self-employed and freelance hairdressers, for salon owners and those struggling to pay rent.

Your plans for the end of second lockdown and 2021

Priorities for after second lockdown

The top three priorities for after the second lockdown for those surveyed included increasing a client’s frequency of visits, rebuilding client relationships and adding new colour services to the menu. In fact the majority of those surveyed said all three of these tasks would be a priority for the end of the second lockdown.

Fully booked for Jan

When respondents were asked if they anticipate having a fully booked column in January 37% said they didn’t know, 32% said no and 31% yes so it really was a a three-way split.

marketing plan 2021

When the survey was carried out in November 57% had not put together a marketing plan for 2021 yet, however 22% had already set their plan and 21% said they hadn’t started it at all.

The majority of those surveyed (48%) said they wouldn’t be raising prices in January 2021, 41% said they didn’t know and 11% said they would raise prices in January 2021.

Biggest concern in 2021

The biggest concerns in the lead up to 2021 include more lockdowns leading to hair businesses having to close (39%), having a weak new year period (5%), and continued challenges with staff and clients wearing PPE (6%). The majority of those surveyed (43%) listed all of the above as the biggest concerns for 2021.


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