HJ Insider Survey: Your Post-Lockdown Trend Predictions in Numbers

by laurahusband / last updated July 10, 2020

Post-Lockdown Trend Predictions

This month’s HJ Insider Survey, sponsored by L’Oréal Professionnel asked HJ’s readers to share your post-lockdown trend predictions. The survey includes insights on what you predict will be the most requested colour and cutting services for your hair business  as well as your preferred ways of learning over the next few months and the changes you’ve made to your service menu now that you’ve reopened your hair business.

HJ Insider: Post-lockdown trend predictions for colour and cutting

Colour Service Prediction

The majority of you listed your post-lockdown trend predictions for colour to be root touch-ups for the next few months, closely followed by highlights and babylights. Interestingly, colour correction was predicted to be the third most requested colour service.

Cutting service prediction

Most of you who took part in the survey predicted that clients would be more adventurous when it comes to cutting with the most requested cutting service being listed as a complete restyle. Layers and a trim or one-length cut were predicted to be the second and third most requested cutting services following lockdown.

HJ Insider: Business changes following reopening

Service menu changes

As part of the survey, HJ asked you to share the changes you would be making to your service menu ahead of reopening. It was a fairly even split with 37% of you stating that you would be making changes to your service menu, 38% saying you would be keeping the same service menu and 25% were still undecided when the survey went out ahead of reopening.

Service menu changes list

For the 37% of you who said you would be making changes to your service menu, the most popular change was adding a PPE surcharge (46%). The second most popular change to the menu was adding a extended root-regrowth services (39%). A quarter of those surveyed were adding colour correction and a pre-wash to their service menu. Only 13% of those surveyed said they would be removing blow-dries from the menu.

Team training day

The majority of you decided to have a a team training day ahead of reopening (62%), however 13% decided it wasn’t necessary and 17% of those surveyed work alone so a team training day wasn’t necessary. At the time the survey went out 8% of you were unsure about whether a team training day would be needed ahead of reopening.

reopening guidelines

Unsurprisingly, most of those surveyed did use industry guidelines to create a plan for reopening (95%) with only 5% not following a specific set of guidelines.

HJ Insider: Post-lockdown trend predictions for education

Online education post-lockdown

The landscape for education changed during lockdown with many hairstylists, colourists and salon owners taking part in online education on social media as well as via official webinars and pre-booked tutorial platforms. Most of those surveyed stated that they would continue to take part in more online education once back at work (75%). When the survey was sent out 20% said they were unsure and only 5% stated they would not be taking part in any more online education once back at work.

Online education topics

Finally, the survey asked what the most popular topics were for online education during lockdown. Just over half of you (53%) stated that colour was your preferred online education topic choice, while 22% opted for cutting and 25% of you took part in haircare and styling digital education.

METHODOLOGY: Insider is compiled from a monthly survey of HJ readers. The people who participated represent a cross-section of the industry and were polled by email. The figures given represent the average score for each answer.

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