Hairdressing is Named the Second Most Tipped Industry in the UK

by lydiah / last updated November 18, 2019

Named Second Most Tipped Industry in the UK

A survey into the UK’s most tipped professions revealed that hairdressing is the second most tipped industry, with over three quarters of consumers tipping their hairdressers (79%).

The research also revealed the term ‘tipping’ is typed into Google over 6,000,000 times in the UK every month. This shows the British public are confused about the etiquette for tipping members of staff.

While the subject has been debated multiple times online, Eoin O’Neill, Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa Manager explains he doesn’t want his clients to feel pressured to tip after a service.

He said: Our approach at Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa is if some guests express the wish to tip their service provider we always respect our guest’s wishes and want them to feel as comfortable as possible during their Aveda experience, and for this reason when requested, we provide a small envelope where clients can discreetly leave a tip of their choice.”

The Statistics for Professions that are Tipped the Most

The hairdressing industry is close behind the catering profession with waiters ranking the highest. Yet, Uber drivers and those in construction and housekeeping professions receive the least amount of tips from their customers.

  • Waiter – 88%
  • Hairdresser – 79%
  • Taxi – 67%
  • Movers – 56%
  • Salon – 41%
  • Massage – 33%
  • Delivery – 23%
  • Uber – 19%
  • Housekeeping – 12%
  • Builders – 9%

The survey, which was conducted by British marketplace website revealed that men are more likely to tip than women with 83% of men being likely to leave a tip, compared to only 72% of women.

A lack of tipping could be because people are unsure about how much they should tip their hairdresser or if they should tip at all. In fact, the percentage of the tip can vary according to the age of the client and the time of year that the appointment takes place.

For example, Fiona, a senior hairstylist in London said: “The increase in debit card use has meant people rarely carry spare change on them, and we have witnessed a decrease in tipping over the past few years. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case around the Christmas period where we are more often tipped generously. It also seems like a generational thing as younger salon goers don’t always realise salon tipping etiquette.”

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