Hairdos For Heroes: How Great Lengths Thanked Front-Line Workers

by kieran / last updated September 11, 2020

Great Lengths Hairdos

Thanks to Great Lengths, salons across the country dedicated two days to giving back to our key workers who have worked tirelessly throughout the 2020 pandemic and continue to do so. During lockdown, Great Lengths launched the Hairdos For Heroes initiative and encouraged all salons to get involved.

They received a great response, with over 60 salons across the UK dedicating their time to give back to the heroes in their region. Free cuts, blow drys and a well deserved pamper were delivered on Sunday 6 and Monday 7 September 2020.

Although the hairdressing industry was hit hard as doors closed for months, the celebration was a time to reflect and thank the people that really kept things moving for us all and helped to keep us safe. 

Each salon dedicated their time despite working tirelessly over the summer for the lost lockdown months, and each frontline worker was delighted with their free pamper. They walked away feeling refreshed, valued and special, which is exactly what everyone involved wanted.

Here is what they all got up to, with comments from stylists  below:

Great Lengths Bliss

Zoë Ball – Bliss Hair Therapy, Worcestershire

“Lockdown was very difficult for me being self employed- there was so much pressure and worry amongst the hairdressing industry. It was tough seeing my salon closed and empty for three and a half months. However, I have so much respect and admiration for my clients who are frontline NHS staff who have worked selflessly throughout it all. I wanted to give something back to NHS staff once I could reopen my salon.”

“I saw Great Lengths were organising Hairdos For Heroes, and it was a lovely opportunity to get involved with this by rewarding frontline NHS staff with a free pamper session. I dedicated my whole day on 7 September, and also had appointments during the week leading up to this for NHS clients.”

“The goody bags provided from Great Lengths were such a lovely surprise, the feedback I’ve had has made it such a rewarding experience. It’s only something little I can do to give back, but the response has been incredible and I underestimated just how important a wonderful relaxing pamper session is and how it’s made my clients feel so good!”  


Great Lengths Swain

Jennifer Swain – Swain Hairdressing, Cumbria

“We were first asked to get involved with Hairdos For Heroes during lockdown, at a time when there was still so much uncertainty and we really weren’t sure when we would get back to work. We were all so thankful for the key workers working so hard through the pandemic and knew we wanted to say a big thank you and this was the perfect way to do so. All the women that came on the day for Hairdos For Heroes were amazing and it was great to be able to treat them.” 


Great Lengths Ciara

Ciara Doyle – freelance, Wexford

“When Great Lengths launched this idea for Hairdos For Heroes, I got in touch straight away to get involved. We as a hairdressing community had the skills to say thank you in a lovely way- to give those heroes an hour of pampering.”

“I am a self employed stylist with my own private studio in Gorey, Co. Wexford, Ireland. I had the opportunity to look after frontline workers from around the area. They had a range of vocations from an ICU nurse, nursing home workers, carers who worked with people with disabilities & social workers. Great Lengths also sent out the cutest gift bags that they loved. Thanks Great Lengths for giving us the opportunity and platform to give back.”


Great Lengths Faulkners

Jill Faulkner – Faulkners Salon, Rotherham

“There is something extremely rewarding about giving back to the wonderful people in our community. This pandemic has affected us all, we have all had our experiences through these unprecedented times, some good, some not so good and some very sad. Adding a little extra happiness to someone’s day is the least we can do and is nothing in comparison to what our key workers have been doing for our community. Thank you from us all at Faulkners.”


Below, we hear from some of the key workers that Zoë Ball treated on their special day:

Great Lengths Hairdos

Sarah Illingworth – physiotherapist

“Working during the pandemic was a case of putting one foot in front of the other. I was balancing working for the NHS, home schooling my six year old and caring for my two year old whilst my husband was working full time from home. There was very little time for self care of any sort.” 

“I missed my regular hair cut which was scheduled for roughly the second week of lockdown I think. I tried to do a home cut on my hair twice with not much success. We also started having to shower at work and wash our hair after treating any COVID patients to reduce the spread of the infection. It was a really strange time.”

“Getting back to the salon for my pamper session was so lovely. I booked it for the end of an 11 hour shift at work and I could have fallen asleep in the chair as I always find having my hair done relaxing. My new hair feels so healthy and I’ve never seen it so shiny. It was lovely to receive my gift bag too- such a treat to get some goodies for my hair which I’ve hugely neglected over the last six months!”


Great Lengths Hairdos

Kate Glover – principal clinical scientist in genomics at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Trust

“I have worked so many hours since the COVID outbreak and I cannot stress enough how much I missed having my hair done over the lockdown period. Wearing PPE all day plays havoc with your skin and hair and, combined with the challenges of having to look after my children and balancing my husband’s job too (he is also a key worker), I was definitely craving some pamper time. It was so very lovely to have a treat.”

“Lots of people automatically think of NHS staff as those on the frontline, including doctors and nurses, so to be recognised as a member of the laboratory staff and have access to the treat was so special. Thanks so much to Great Lengths for making it possible and to my fabulous hairdresser, Zoë at Bliss, for giving up her time.”

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