Learn How to Future Proof Your Salon in Seven Steps

by laurahusband / last updated January 13, 2021


Salon consultant Ryan Fox shares his insights to future proof your salon and reveals how to adapt it for an ever changing world.

  1. Set your numbers right

Recently we’ve seen many squeezes on salon profits with increasing rents, product costs, increased admin costs, GDPR, minimum wage and the workplace pension rises all coming at the same time. And of course, the ongoing affects of the pandemic. This means it is more essential than ever to get your numbers right.

How to future proof your salon:

Introduce pay rises to reward the team with an additional bonus paid on the achievement of targets. TAG salon owner Jo Taylor said: “With Ryan’s help we’ve managed to introduce a self-funding scheme that actually generates more income while also paying higher wages.”

  1. Manage your client journey for the digital age

 Technology has moved so quickly in the past few years and the pace of technological developments in the salon has been no exception. Make sure your salon software is up to the job and start using it to the max.

How to future proof your salon:

 Manage client interactions digitally using salon software that has a mobile HUB. The HUB is essentially a mobile version of the system that is designed to be used on tablets and takes technology to the client. This puts the stylist in control of their column, making managing client information more seamless and the information can be used to create a quality consultation with a better service that leads to more income being generated.

“Since we went digital with the HUB we’ve almost eliminated paper and our skin tests, consultations and GDPR management is all so much easier. The system means we have all of a client’s information to hand, which means we are improving our upsells, rebooking rates, frequency of visit and retail sales without having to sell,” said Paul Cochrane, owner of Frankie Cochrane.

  1. Identify and develop the right skills

Your salon team should always be learning and developing their skills by following a training plan. If you don’t push your team’s skills, you will get left behind as new, younger salons take your place.

How to future proof your salon:

I helped The Lounge Soho implement a training plan last year. Owner Joe Mills said it has formed a fundamental part of the salon’s culture, which helps the salon to develop both individually and as a business. “It helps us to pull together as a team and everyone understands what is expected of them. This raises standards resulting in a higher level of service delivery to the client and a more creative team.”

  1. Become a specialist salon

Really successful businesses are known for doing one thing really well and this is also true in hairdressing. Vidal Sassoon was known for his “5-point cut”, Patrick Cameron is known for his updos and Trevor Sorbie is known for his generous charity work to support the My New Hair concept. It’s important to consider what sets you apart from your competition.

How to future proof your salon:

After following some simple advice about specialising and a lot of hard work my client Frankie Cochrane has established himself as the go-to for male hair replacement systems. Frankie said: “I started looking at the hair replacement systems about eight years ago when I realised male pattern baldness was an increasing problem for men and many wanted a solution. We’ve now developed the service into a real specialism and made it as normal as possible for the client.”

  1. Own your online niche

Most salons have a unique selling point, but they do not always realise what it is. I’ve helped lots of salons to identify what makes them unique, but you still need to find your audience to share it with. This is why owning your digital space is essential.

How to future proof your salon:

An internet marketing specialist such as Local Fame works with clients to establish their local online niche. I introduced them to my client Concrete Hair in Covent Garden last year as they wanted to build their online presence. The salon now has good rankings on Google and much better engagement on its social media networks.

  1. Offer mobile services

The past ten years has seen the rise of the savvy shopper with mobile hairdressing coming into its own because it provides consumers with convenience.

 How to future proof your salon:

Once it is safe to do so your salon could introduce mobile hairdressing as a service. Companies such as BGX, Treatwell, Blow, and Ruuby are making it a viable option for some salons to compete in this part of the market. The danger of not offering this service is that you could lose clients who want the convenience of a blow-dry in the office or at home.

  1. Integrate social conscience into your brand

 An increasingly important factor for clients is whether their chosen salon shares their values, gives back to society, helps others and cares for the environment.

How to future proof your salon:

Salons can actively get involved with charitable fundraising and environmental initiatives. Martyn Maxey and his charity The Hair Foundation is a good example of this. It is a non-profit organisation, which provides free hairdressing for those who have become disadvantaged from difficult life circumstances such as homelessness. The aim is to help individuals build their self-confidence and self-esteem, so they can start rebuilding their lives. Martyn said: “Our initiative is not just about a traditional charitable donation, it’s a deeper alignment of the brand with a cause that resonates with clients on an ongoing basis. This makes it good for business as well as giving something back to the community.”

Ryan Fox is a Hair & Beauty Salon Consultant who improves salon performance through training and innovation. For more advice on growing your salon call him on 07702 208 311 or visit

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