How to Get Creative On a Budget

by akesha / last updated November 8, 2018

How do do a photoshoot

Producing a hairdressing collection can be a great way to promote your salon business but it is also a big investment, so how can you let your creative juices flow and produce stunning imagery without it breaking the bank?

Freelance stylist and co-founder of networking app Creative Connections Bryony Gordon, provides her top tips for shooting on a budget:

  1. Use Your Own Space

    Shooting in a studio is ideal, but if your budget won’t stretch to hiring professional space, try creating your own with some good lighting and a plain crisp wall and floor space. Alternatively, consider a location shoot. Some great shots have been created in quirky places – whether it’s outside or indoors. I’ve even seen great work shot in a bathtub! Depending on the theme of your shoot, think about whether going on location will work for you.

  1. Join Forces with Other Creatives

    Want to do a photoshoot but can’t afford the costs on your own? Use networking apps to find other like-minded creatives who are prepared to contribute an equal amount and share the costs. For example, you could go halves with a make-up artist on the cost of the models/photographer or divide the fee between yourself, a photographer and stylist for example. That way you aren’t stuck with a huge bill and you all get a great range of images that benefits everyone.

  1. Do a Skills Exchange

    The chances are you aren’t the only creative business person trying to produce a shoot on a budget. Thus, instead of getting paid or splitting the costs, a group of creatives could provide their services for no charge, but at the end you should get a set of images that you can use to promote your work or business. Be sure to search for like-minded people and check out the portfolios of each creative first to maximise the chances of creating imagery that reflects your personality and vision.

  1. Ask Around

    Searching for unique designs or props, but don’t have cash to splash out on high-end, designer items? Ask around. Networking apps have scores of designers who would love to see their work come to life in a photoshoot. By connecting with them, you’ll get distinctive items for your shoot and they’ll get great exposure for their work.





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