Five Simple Ways to Attract New Clients to Your Salon

by akesha / February 5, 2018

new clients

Attracting new clients to fill your columns can be tricky, especially when you have a loyal base that expect the salon to run in a particular way. In order to keep business moving it’s integral to move with the times and super-salon owner and author Hellen Ward offers her top tips for attracting and retaining clients.

Hellen says: “All too often, salon owners expect the team to attract new clients to their column, but don’t provide them with the strategies to do it. It’s down to the salon owner to create a bespoke marketing plan and promotional calendar to attract new clients. After this, the team comes into play, growing, nurturing and developing the opportunities offered to them.

“First, the salon owner needs to establish what type of new clients he or she is aiming for.

One-time clients are not going to generate sustainable income over a period of time. Deal chasers are shopping on price and as such are classic disloyal customers – they have no interest in staying put unless they’re getting a bargain.

“You can be sure that if you’re offering a service for £20 they’ll find someone who will provide it for £19 and with switch without a second thought. In a tough economic climate, it can be hard to generate new and potentially loyal customers who we aspire to turn into repeat business.

Here’s five ways that work for me:

1. Define a new client

Don’t forget a regular salon client who hasn’t experienced a service before is still generating new business to the salon so upselling and link-selling are key. Figure out which of your salon’s existing services your customers aren’t having and create a treatment plan and in-depth consultation to advise and recommend services they haven’t experienced before. If a client is loyal to you now, they will only become more loyal.

2. Connect with like-minded brands 

Every salon has the opportunity to tap into their area’s local businesses to offer a joint promotional activity. Don’t be tempted to discount en masse, but if you are near a large local employer offer incentives to its staff to visit on selected days with selected offers.

3. Present added-value introductory offers

Rather than discounting to attract business try offering an incentive that adds value and targets a service area that needs building. For example, offering a complimentary conditioning treatment with every pre-booked colour. Get your supplier to help with the cost where offers are product-related. Use window promotional material and in-salon marketing to help promote the service.

4. Get involved in local activities

Bridal fairs, charity fundraisers, fêtes, recruitment evenings, school careers days, fashion shows – all of these enable you to spread the word and target specific clients who may be interested.

Blanket discounting like Groupon usually attracts the wrong types so ensure you do something discreet and bespoke that is delivered personally. Send an email to addresses you’ve collected based on an expressed interest as this  will preserve your publicised brand pricing.

5. Incentivise loyal clients to spread the word

It may sound a bit archaic but recommend-a-friend schemes do work if they are positioned correctly. Maybe use some modern marketing terms to make it sound a little less ‘done to death’. Ensure both parties benefit and it’s promoted in-house and by the entire team.

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