Experiment with Koleston Perfect with ME+ Colour to Increase Revenue

by laurahusband / last updated February 28, 2019

Koleston Perfect

Experiment with Koleston Perfect with ME+ colour to increase revenue by following these tips from Wella Professionals technical educator Jade Harrison

Be more adventurous and experiment with Koleston Perfect with ME+

Trust is a huge factor when it comes to clients being more adventurous with colour. Take time to build trust by having a deep understanding of the client you are working with. You can do this by building mood boards together on apps such as Pinterest. Taking five minutes out to do this will really help to identify what vibe your client is looking to achieve. Once that trust is established, clients will be relying on you to come up with new looks for their hair.

Design bespoke shades for your clients

Our industry is tougher than ever as salons are not only in competition with each other, but they are also in competition with social media. This means there should be a huge emphasis on client loyalty. Clients love to feel like their service is completely unique to them. Create a personalised section pattern or colour formula and tell your client all about it. The best thing about creativity is that it’s not easy to replicate.

Generate extra revenue for your salon

Creative colour requires skill. It’s something that we would always encourage a colourist to charge more for in order to generate more revenue. However, creative colouring isn’t always everyone’s bag. If you want to offer this to your client but aren’t sure where to start, be guided by the haircut. Something as simple as adding a shadow under a fine section of hair can make an area look fuller. Alternatively, you could lighten the hair to elongate and add length to short areas. These are simple ways to add a more creative spin to a colouring service which in turn, can generate more income for you and your salon business.

How can Koleston Perfect with ME+ help?

Koleston Perfect with ME+

“Creative colouring can be a challenge, especially with long hair as there are many considerations that need to be made. Wella Professionals latest innovation – Koleston Perfect with ME+ has made colouring simple. With the support of Pure Balance Technology, it allows us to create even and predictable colour results from root to tip. Not only does it mean we don’t have to compensate for those porous mid lengths and ends that interfere with our creative flow, Pure Balance Technology also supports the number one concern for clients – the condition of their hair. The Koleston Perfect ME+ range has a unique selection of special mixes to enhance and personalise your in-salon colour looks and creativity.”

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This is a sponsored post by Wella Professionals.

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