Don’t Scrimp on Hygiene Standards

by bathamm / last updated April 21, 2015

Salon hygeine BarbicideEnsuring excellent hygiene standards are maintained in you salon is essential not just from a health and safety point of view but to maintain the credibility and profitability of your business, warns professional disinfectant brand, Barbicide.

The brand says its research amongst salons reveals that many are not changing their disinfectant solution every day – a huge mistake, as once foreign matter gets into the solution its changes the way it works eventually making it less or ineffective. Many salons also admitted that stylists were not disinfecting their tools between every client.

Just submerging tools in solution for 10 minutes will prevent cross infection.

Barbicide offers these 10 tips to salon hygiene

1.      Understand the difference between sanitising, sterilisation and disinfecting.

2.      Hands must be washed regularly throughout the day and especially in between clients.

3.      All surfaces in the salon should be easy to clean and non-porous.

4.      Washbasins in the salon need to be designed specifically to facilitate ease of cleaning.

5.      Ensure tools are disinfected after each client. Disinfection contact is only 10 minutes.

6.      Remember to change the disinfection solution in your jars daily.

7.      The premises should be kept in a clean condition at all times.

8.      Treatment areas such as benches should be cleaned between each client.

9.      Chemicals should never be left lying around and all spillages should be mopped up off the floor straight away.

10.   All liquids and creams should be decanted into single use containers, and a single use applicator must be used for each person undergoing the procedure (no double dipping)



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