Will England’s Delay to Lockdown Easing Affect Your Hairdressing Business?

by laurahusband / last updated June 14, 2021

Delay Easing Lockdown England

On Monday 14 June UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a delay to the easing of lockdown in England, which was originally scheduled to take place on Monday 21 June. What does this mean for your hairdressing business and the wider hairdressing and barbering industry?

Boris Johnson said during his press conference:

“As the February roadmap predicted, the opening up of society has led to more infections and as we can’t eliminate COVID – we must learn to live with it. The vaccination greatly reduces transmission… but there are still millions of younger adults who have not been vaccinated and some vulnerable adults who will still succumb to the illness.”

What does the delay to the easing of lockdown measures in England mean for hairdressing businesses?

Richard Lambert, chief executive at the NHBF told HJ exclusively:

“We’re all desperate for the restrictions to end, but equally we want the end to be irreversible.  Now we’ve come this far, it’s better to wait a few more weeks than risk a return to lockdown.”

He added: “It’s staggering that there was so little clarity about further support for industry, once again leaving thousands of businesses stressed and uncertain about their future.  If the restrictions are extended, then the UK Government’s support for industry must be extended to match. Salons were already worried about the ending of furlough, 100% business rates relief and the moratorium on evictions from commercial leases, even with the prospect of returning to full capacity.  Many will not be able to cope with the return of increased costs if they still have to work under restrictions.”

Can the wedding hairdressing industry go ahead from 21st June?

On the plus side, Boris Johnson said during the official press conference: “Weddings can go ahead with more than 30 people after 21 June provided social distancing is observed.”

This should mean hairdressers and stylists who make most of their income from weddings shouldn’t have cancelled weddings over the next four week period.

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For more information on the delay to the easing of lockdown in England please go to the official UK Government website.

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