Consumers More Loyal to Hairdressers Than Any Other Brand

by rachael / last updated November 29, 2012

consumers-more-loyal-to-salons-than-any-other-brand.jpgA study of consumers has revealed that people are more loyal to their hairdresser than to any other brand, product or business.

Two thirds of adults polled told researchers that they were either ‘loyal’ or ‘very loyal’ to their hairdressers and have no intention of changing where they get their hair done.
This compares to just half who say that they are either loyal or very loyal to their current car brand, and six out of ten who are loyal to their favourite restaurants and shops.
The research, which surveyed 2,000 adults across the UK, also revealed that people in the North East are the most loyal and that those in London are the least loyal overall.
It also revealed that seven out of ten consumers feel a greater sense of loyalty to companies, businesses and brands who they own a loyalty card for.
Rob Nicholls of Plastic Card Services, who commissioned the research, said: “Overall our results show that Brits are a loyal lot, yet not all industries are really using this to commercial advantage.
“With excellent customer service, a great offering and the right marketing strategy however, businesses can create loyal customers that return time and time again.
“Perhaps all businesses can learn something from the type of customer service that goes on in hairdressers across the UK. Many have got the formula right for repeat visits. And let’s face it, that is what every business wants.”

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