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Business Support for Stylists Through New Co-working Model

by charlottegw / last updated June 24, 2022

The Blushes Collective, a group of six salons, plus one training academy, located throughout England, has launched Co-working, a revolutionary new way stylists can enjoy a better work/life balance, grow their business with full support, and increase their earning potential. 

Listening to its team and the industry, Co-working was created as a means to bridge the gap between being employed and self-employed, allowing stylists to become their own boss and grow their business, whilst receiving full support and guidance. 

Driven by a need to react to the ever-changing demands of real people, Co-working was designed to challenge the traditional ‘rent-a-chair’ model and create an alternative working environment that offers freedom, flexibility and control over how stylists develop their careers. 

Co-working enables stylists to freely be creative, by removing the headaches of being truly self-employed, and providing the amenities, community and benefits of having their own business all underpinned by one unique factor – business support. Whether it is guidance on how to create great content, support and guidance on end-of-year accounting and tax returns, or simply to bridge that social gap of working for yourself but still being part of a team; Co-working has this covered. 

Dom Blake, Managing Director at Blushes Collective says: “Being a Co-worker releases individuals’ entrepreneurial spirit, with the support, promotion and business benefits of being part of the Blushes Collective family. Think of it as a talent agency business model; we work with each individual to create their business plan, and give them the tools to fly and evolve their business – but with the safety and support of a well-established and award-winning salon business.”

To support each individual Co-worker’s new freedom and flexibility, the Blushes Collective has restructured the business into three departments,  which will also be at each Co-worker’s disposal. 

Blushes Collective

The Business Department

This department will see a team of coaches and mentors work with Co-workers on their business plan and logo, whilst also providing marketing opportunities and support to grow their businesses. 

The Environment Team

This department is in place to ensure the smooth running of the client experience and the running of studio spaces. The team is also there to provide any additional support to help with smooth day-to-day running.

The Creative Team

This department represents the opportunity that being a Co-worker enables; the creative freedom and time to do photoshoots, enter awards, create content and more. 

Co-working at The Blushes Collective goes beyond just providing a rent-a-chair agreement, or even providing amenities for a percentage of commission. Its new direction is built on a fundamental basis of supporting, enabling and setting free creative, entrepreneurial-minded people who are passionate about their craft. Co-working offers them support to build a business that supports their lifestyle goals.

Dom Blake added: “We have only just begun the first phase of this new way of working and we are mid-way through a new intake of amazing stylists wanting to be part of this journey with the Blushes Collective. Over 20 members of our current team have switched over to Co-working, with more sign-ups scheduled for the coming months. We’re also overwhelmed with the amount of interest we’ve had from exciting new talent in this first month alone. People are ready for change.”

With a growing support network amongst a community of like-minded individuals, perks such as social events, content parties and more – bringing a Co-working community together to fuel passion and creativity is going to make the future of hairdressing one to watch.

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