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Everything you Need to Know about Organising a Salon Refit

by akesha / last updated November 13, 2018

Even if your salon is in good condition organising a salon refit could be the thing that pushes it into excellent territory. Sometimes a spruce will do, but if you know that you need to do a bit more for a refresh then it can be hard to even know where to begin.

We spoke to David Nicholson, owner and director of Rainbow Room International Royal Exchange Square salon about the tips he has from executing a successful refit…

1. Plan plan plan – Always have a plan for your refit, what you want to do to the salon and why and think about the concept behind it. E.g. is it to attract new clients, retain exciting clients or both. Make sure you spend enough time planning how you want the refit to go, looking at what space you have to work with and speaking with your design team until you feel the concept is right for you.

2. Do your research – It’s important to do your research when planning a refit in order to see how you can differentiate from your competitors and offer something different. See what other salons are doing and try to introduce something new and unique into your salon design.

One of our standout, statement features in our newly refitted salon is our colour bar. The colour bar is in the centre of the salon floor surrounded by stylists’ workstations. The Colour Bar being in the middle of the salon gives the salon a very modern look and it allows stylists to be able to mix their colour in front of their clients, allowing them to feel like they are getting a more bespoke, personal experience.

3. Have a budget in place – Some of the common problems and pitfalls salons face when it comes to interiors are under budgeting, as if you’re on a relatively small budget, it’s important to think about what your salon needs and will benefit from the most, as well as what your clients will benefit from. Salon owners should look at where their salon looks most tired, is it the floor, stations or colour etc.

See what other salons are doing and try to introduce something new and unique into your salon design.

4. Think about your décor – Think about your décor and the vibe you want it to create. If you want a relaxed, calm vibe, opt for relaxing colours such as neutrals and clean whites or if you want a more energetic vibe, opt for bright shades such as bright greens and oranges. We have a mix of the two in our Rainbow Room International Royal Exchange Square salon, clean white panelled walls that create a very clean look, as well as adding a really professional look too. These are mixed with bright orange accessories, allowing the salon to be very chilled and relaxed but with a pop of colour to give the salon a statement look.

5. Invest in the correct furniture and equipment for your salon – Furniture is extremely important for the salon and needs to be comfortable for your clients. When investing in chairs in particular, it’s important to make sure they are hard wearing. hairs also should be timeless in styling, comfortable and the colour of the fabric should be taken into consideration to avoid the chairs being affected by tint.

rri salon refit backwash stations

Styling stations should be well lit, have ample storage for equipment to be hidden away and it’s also important to think about having them not too close together too. Backwashes should be comfortable, have high quality taps, shower heads, connections and should be looked at in terms of longevity. For retail areas the most important thing to look at is lighting, as this is essential, and buying a size you can afford to keep fully stocked, as half empty shelves don’t look great in my opinion.

6. Think about your window display/front of the salon – the front of your salon is extremely important for attracting new clients, so make sure it stands out! Whether this is with collection images used in your windows, great retail displays or by lights, make sure you think about this in detail so that passers by will be interested in coming in. At our Royal Exchange Square salon we have LED lighting in our windows that put a cool glow into the street outside.

7. Think about your next refit – A common mistake people make when having a refit is not thinking of how long the refit will last before the next one. It’s important to consider the longevity of the refit due to the upheaval and substantial costs.

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