Boosting Business at the Backwash

by bathamm / last updated February 29, 2016

Takara Belmont - Renoma Salon

Andre Dupratt, national territory manager at Takara Belmont advises on how to plan the design of your backwash area to help boost your salon business.

A well-considered and equipped backwash zone increases the range of chargeable services while adding value to the customer.

The backwash will ideally be situated at the back of the salon to ensure privacy; locating it in a bustling area is not recommended. Colour and lighting are known to impact on emotions, so soft lighting and natural/neutral tones, including earthy browns and caramels promote calm and relaxation. Aromas can also elevate the ambience and calm the clients’ senses too.

Salons can maximise revenues by upgrading the backwash area, as this allows more beauty services, such as facials, head massage and traditional shaves, to be integrated into services menus. The trend toward luxury and the resurgence of traditional men’s grooming has seen an increase in VIP rooms; now people see salons as a lifestyle experience more than just a destination for hairdressing.

Furniture and equipment choices are central to the kind of backwash experience you offer and the amount of revenue it generates. A simple hair wash service requires comfort and support, so salons can manage with excellent quality backwash chairs and equipment. High-end luxury and VIP services will require higher spec equipment. Your backwash experience and service options will have a direct impact on revenue generation and customer loyalty, so there’s no room for compromise.

Read more tips on how you can boost business at the backwash in the March issue of HJ.

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