Barrie Stephen Undertakes Extensive Salon Research

by rachael / March 14, 2013

barrie-stephen-hair-research.jpgBarrie Stephen has undertaken a major salon survey to find out what his clients want, why they choose their salon and what’s important to them during their service.

Barrie, who has four salons in and around Leicester, conducted the surveys across the group – revealing some interesting results.
“To get customer care right we need to keep asking and keep listening as needs change with every generation shift,” says Barrie. “That’s why we are undertaking research annually now. We’ve found the results sometimes reassuring, often surprising and a little challenging too – making it the more worthwhile!”  
Keep reading for key findings from Barrie’s research….
  • 74% of women surveyed prioritise recommendation and ‘on-trend’ hairdressing when making their salon choice.
  • Only 55% make price their most important indicator of salon choice and half choose a salon on offers they have available and the awards they have won. 
  • Salon cleanliness and a warm welcome tip the polls as 93% and 95% of women surveyed made these elements their top priority.
  • 37% of women surveyed say that the stylists own appearance influences confidence levels in their skills. (That’s nearly 4 clients out of every 10 that will judge your skills by how good you look!) 
  • Over half of all women surveyed happily pay over £80 at every salon visit. All the men surveyed invest less than half of their female counterparts. 
  • Three quarters of clients surveyed consider themselves to be loyal to their STYLIST rather than their salon. 



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