This is How to Get the Best out of Your Apprentices

by akesha / last updated January 31, 2020

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Apprenticeships are not only extremely beneficial for the apprentices themselves but for the salon businesses that recruited them.

A good apprentice adds to the salon and is a valuable help on busy days, aiding the team while also building on their learning and broadening their own skill set.

Here, Leigh Kerr director of Rainbow Room International Academy talks about how to get the most out of apprenticeships for your salon…

Finding the right apprentice.

We look for someone that has passion, drive and a willingness to work and learn. They also have to be capable of completing modern apprenticeship. We recruit using many channels including our Rainbow Room International website, social media, word of mouth, career talks at local schools and colleges, work experience, career fairs and events like Glasgow City Chambers, networking and working with other educational bodies.

Tips when it comes to having apprentices in the business.

– Show interest in them
– Keep up to date with their training program
– Liaise with the assessors
– Introduce them to your clients
– Praise good work
– Constantly give them constructive feedback
– Treat them as a valuable member of the team

Life skills are just as important as hairdressing skills.

Schwarzkopf Professional come in to our Academy and give apprentices advanced colour training three times a year. We also do mental health awareness, alcohol and drug awareness, sectarianism awareness, and dyslexia training. We are trying to have a holistic approach, and not just teach hairdressing, but some life skills too.

Get your salon name out there.

Salons and the industry have to make the effort to build relationships with schools, we need to attend every career day, even from S1, to promote how fantastic a career option hairdressing is. Have open days in your salon or training facility.

We need to be available to speak to schools and parents, and explain how much money can be made and how many opportunities there are. We ensure we send the right members of our team to these events and make sure a male representative is at every one, so that it entices the male students too. We have an obligation to our industry to excite and inspire this younger generation to become part of our amazing industry!

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